ParentSaathi talk with Dr.Dasaratha Rama on the topic Lifesmart parenting approach on 12th October at 7:30pm

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Autism isn’t a choice, acceptance is

As they say “Change begins in self…”

Can we see the change in self; change in people; change all around? May be one day we can..

When I go to the park or get down to go somewhere. I rarely see kids with different abilities (that is the way I want to call disability) coming out and enjoying like other kids. (not referring to Corona times).

This makes me think. We as parents have to first accept our kids then only we can expect others to do the same. We as parents should first change our beliefs and overcome our fear of accepting our kids of who they are and how they are then only we can expect others to do the same.

Lets start to see our own kids with full of respect and pride. Others will sense it too and follow us…. Lets bring them out and show the world and that is how inclusion will happen naturally.