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Do a 100-Day Parenting Project Dr. Dasaratha Rama

One of the biggest challenges I faced as a parent of neurodivergent child was taking systematic, consistent action. There are numerous resources on every topic and every challenge parents of neurodivergent child face. However, there is no clear guidance on what is worth doing at any given time. Hence, parents are likely to try different ideas and approaches and not practice any techniques consistently. The 100-Day project was created to address this challenge. The goal of the 100-Day project is sustained, consistent action.

In the last few articles, I have suggested that targeting co-regulation is a useful step for parents of neurodivergent children. Co-regulation is the foundation for learning. Based on my suggestions and discussions in the LIFESMART Parenting groups, several parts started addressing co-regulation. As described in her blog post, Shinjita Joshi-Pant started implementing a 100 Days of Co-regulation project. Other parents are also considering or starting 100-Days of Co-regulation.
We invite to join the LIFESMART 100-Day Parent Lab and start a 100-Days of Co-regulation project. If you are interested, please email me at


The LIFESMART canvas is a visual summary of the LIFESMART process.

Each parent’s journey can be viewed in terms of the five Ps.

  • The parent sees possibilities.
  • The parent clarifies priorities.
  • The parent chooses a path forward.
  • The parent practices selected skills.
  • The parent monitors progress and reviews the transformation of parent interactions, child engagement, and the system over time.

Communities such as SpecialSaathi can influence all the Ps. In this example, I am suggesting a specific path forward:

Do a 100 Days of Co-regulation project.

Co-regulation and Daily Learning

Read about co-regulation here.

According to this article, “The supportive process between caring adults and children, youth or young adults that fosters self-regulation development is called “co-regulation.”

Role of parents/caregivers

  • Provide a warm, responsive relationship
    • displaying care and affection;
    • recognize and respond to cues that signal needs and wants
    • provide caring support in times of stress
  • Create an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for children, youth, and young adults to
    explore and learn at their level of development .
    • Develop consistent, predictable routines and expectations
    • Provide clear goals for behavior regulation
    • Provide well-defined logical consequences for negative behaviors.
  • Teach self-regulation skills

I will be discussing tips and techniques to guide parents in this project. Other parents such as Shinjita will also share their experiences and insights.

Coregulation is a mindset as much as an action. If parents commit to developing coregulation to support self regulation in the child, they will be on a different path. They will be more focused on creating a safe, stress free environment. They will not send their child to therapists and schools that don’t accept and include them and put pressure on them. Every decision will be influenced by the coregulation idea. However, mindsets are not easy to change! So start a 100 Days of Coregulation project and take small steps to coregulation.