I like to move it, move it.

It’s a known and established fact that movement not only helps our body but our mind too. It helps in building neural connections. Let’s revisit why-not Movement ? It

  • helps in carving physical strength,
  • builds neural connections,
  • increases blood circulation, 
  • coordinates our inner and outer body, gives a sense of self,
  • Improves learning skills. 

These are a few of the mainly physiological changes we see when we do some movements consistently. 

How we do movement ? We should start whichever way is possible for us. For me taking a walk comes natural, the fresh air just clears my overcrowded mind and fills me with renewed energy, for someone that could be a challenge. So, think of any movement, inside the house / outside in the park, whatever is possible, and do it consistently.

It doesn’t have to be a big physical activity, as simple as table setting is movement. The child has to move from kitchen to dining area to put the dishes on the table, then he has to decide on the placement of dishes/spoons etc. and that’s movement of ideas. There are 6 chairs but only 4 of us are eating right now, so, he/she has to decide how many plates and spoons to get? Of course, all of this comes with consistently working with them. But all of this comprises movement. And once they get better at it, they get the confidence to do more work.

We all want our kids to sit still and focus on whatever they are doing. But, we forget, how can a child focus on a table-top activity, when his body is craving movement. MOVEMENT BRINGS STILLNESS. We must have noticed how our kids keep moving to-and-fro, walk in circles, flap their arms. It’s because of they aren’t calm from within. Only movement can tackle chaos. 

We must bring movement in all aspects, and it should be a part of our Daily Rhythm. 

  • Talking about our day while taking a walk,
  • household chores bring coordination with movement, (table setting :: parent gives a plate to child, child puts it on the table)
  • singing and dancing brings rhythm
  • Indoor and outdoor activities (release physical stress). 

Doing activities together develops our  connection with our kids. I can’t tell you how much my body has become flexible since I started movement with my daughter. We dance, exercise, practice ADL together etc and I feel the fittest I have been in the last decade. That’s icing on the cake, what can a child ask for more – a fit and happy parent.