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Specialsaathi reaches out to special needs parents and families.

One of the approach that we are using currently to spread awareness and help amongst one and all is blogging and the approach is of Professional bloggingTechnical blogging or content blogging.

Bloggersaathi model

Bloggersaathis who are already associated with us as a Bloggersaathi team by winning our maiden story contest and other parents who showed interest in being a part of this initiative as well are listed below.

Write it Down– I would request parents that jot down your teaching experiences or skill or anything to do with autism, once or twice a week.

Decide a day– Choose one or two days in a week for writing/ blogging. Spend 15-30 minutes of yours to writing and posting a blog.

Benefits :-

What blogging does is put your knowledge in context.

Why you did, what you did, where it brought you, suggestions for others.

I will encourage parents who are professionals as well to put their work and knowledge in regular blogs.

Because, when anything is published in it automatically goes to its Facebook page and twitter handle as a post.
You can repost and retweet simultaneously to your account and handle for a wider reach and visibility.

More than just blogging together, you have a clear role as a bloggersaathis too, providing each one of us a different identity. That is what sets this apart from other blogging platforms, as we are specifically Autism awareness oriented platform so all our bloggers bring their first hand experience and knowledge collectively at one place, so reaching out to parents becomes easier.

So, we are using blogging as a vehicle to connect people; make connections with people, and embed them in a meaningful conversations and resources for others.

The bloggersaathis are adults and neurodivergent kids as well as bloggersaathi juniors.

Happy writing!! Happy Posting!!

Bloggersaathis Team

1. Dr.Dasaratha Rama

2. Simmi Vasu

3. Heena Sahi

4. Ashuti Menon

5. Shinjita Joshi Pant

6. Manju K Iyer

7. Ananth Raghunandan

8. Shivani Lohia

9. Triveni Goswami Vernal

10. Monika Misra

11. Ramya

12. Pinki Kumar

13. Sradhanjali Dasgupta

And bunch of talented neurodivergent kids as Bloggersaathi Juniors

*Note for all the new bloggersaathis and the guest bloggers!

As a new blogger getting associated with SpecialSaathi, it is important to be aware of the copyright laws that govern the use of content on the internet. When creating blog posts, it is essential that you do not copy and paste content from other sources without proper attribution.

Any quotes or excerpts from other sources must be properly cited, with the correct source or website link provided.
While you may be inspired by various thoughts, books, and text on the internet, it is crucial that you do not use a single line directly from anywhere.
Not only is it illegal to use someone else’s content without permission, but it is also unethical and can harm your reputation as a blogger.
By creating original content and properly citing any sources you use, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy and respected blogger. So, always be mindful of copyright laws when creating your blog posts.
[Likewise, use proper citation whenever anyone is using references from our blogs on]

Those who are already aware kindly ignore!

Best regards
Specialsaathi team

Dear SpecialSaathi Members!
If you are looking for a platform to share your thoughts and ideas with the world? Look no further! SpecialSaathi is welcoming all writers to submit their fully complete, edited blogs with a title for consideration to be featured on our website.

We believe that everyone has something valuable to share and we are committed to providing a space for your voice to be heard.
So, only if you have a finished, edited blog ready to go, submit it to

Please note, we will not consider half finished or unedited blogs. Date for Publication may range from 2 weeks to 2 months of submission.

Video blogs and podcast will require description and a title to go alongwith.

We value the time and effort put into your writing and want to ensure that the content submitted on our platform is of the highest quality for our readers.

Best regards,
SpecialSaathi team

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