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SchoolSaathi is a mission, an awareness program, a companion to thousands of special parents who put their special needs kids in a mainstream/ inclusive/integrated school and somehow struggle due to lack of complete acceptance and understanding.

SchoolSaathi is a team of experts whose goal is to bring out awareness at every level,  every stage in a school; it shouldn’t limit inside its Special Education Needs Department only.

If you are a parent and wish that such awareness program or talk should happen in your kid’s school or if you’re a school and want a sensitization cum awareness program to take place there, then please get in touch with us. We will be happy to extend our support and help you with it.

Please get in touch with us or drop your queries at

Meet the Team members

Shilpi Mayank AwasthiFounder and Coordinator Schoolsaathi: school awareness programs. Mail at

Mr Praval Yadav Advisor and Promoter of Schoolsaathi: School awareness programs in special-schools and colleges; Strategies and Scholastic approach expert

Dr.Sonali Kataria SirohiAdvisor and Webinarsaathi – Webinars supported by Sunrise Learning Foundation; Sensory Challenges and regulations mechanism expert

Ms.Sonia Jaitley – Autism Spectrum disorders and strategies expert.

Dr.Hema Rattnani -Learning disabilities expert.

Ms.Nilanjana Rambothu Child Behaviour and it’s modification strategies expert plus Teaching beyond therapies.

Ms. Anshul Batra– Buddy program and Behaviour modification expert.

Ms. Heena Sahi – Learning support and resources support expert.

Ms.Kreeti Mitra Bhatia-Social media influencer, Special needs parents voice

Do you wish to work as a resource person in our team and get listed, mail your profile at



Global indian international school, GlIS Noida conducted a workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was an insightful session that helped the GIIS Noida staff and teachers in understanding various problem individuals face at school, work or life in general. The idea was to educate teachers who deal with such on regular basis, and offer practical solutions of helping neurodivergent children in mainstream schools, who are not unusual but special in their own unique ways.
#Autism #specialchildren #GIISNoida #GIISIndia #GSF #GlobalSchools

2. Shirdi Sai public school, Moradabad (UP)24th September 2022

An online school awareness drive was conducted on 24 September 2022, with the help of our resource person Dr Sonali Kataria, Ms Sonia Jaitley, Ms Kreeti Mitra Bhatia in Shirdi sai public school in Moradabad on zoom platform. It was really heartening to see the level of awareness, acceptance and the will to act further. The amount of interest shown right from participation to putting up questions really touched our hearts. A big thanks from our team to all the people associated.

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