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SpecialSaathi, our organization, has an initiative of creating awareness amongst school and college faculties and staff with its program called Schoolsaathi.
The program aims to sensitise the staff towards the unique challenges and needs of children with various disabilities, especially Autism.
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior. Children with Autism face a range of challenges that require understanding and patience from their teachers and caretakers. It is crucial to create awareness about Autism amongst school staff, as these professionals play a vital role in shaping a child’s educational and social experience.

Broad aspects
1. The Schoolsaathi program addresses various aspects of Autism, starting with creating awareness about invisible disabilities and neurodivergence. Many times, children with Autism may not show any visible signs of their condition, which makes it challenging to identify and address their needs. Therefore, the program educates the staff on recognizing the signs and symptoms of Autism.
2. The program also covers the challenging sensory and behavioral issues that children with Autism face. Children with Autism may experience hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity to certain stimuli, which can be overwhelming for them. Understanding these challenges is essential for creating an inclusive environment for these children.
3. The Schoolsaathi program aims to create a feasible infrastructure and resources to support children with Autism. This includes providing appropriate tools, assistive technology, and accommodations to ensure their educational and social success.
4. Another vital aspect of the Schoolsaathi program is establishing a robust and fruitful relationship with parents and families.
5. Lastly we do provide assistance in identifying the unique potentials of specially-abled children and how to include them in mainstreaming and school activities.

Time duration– 60-90 minutes.

Team– Set of professionals and resource persons who are part of Schoolsaathi awareness programs conduct the awareness drive depending upon their availability on the given date.

If you are a parent and wish that such awareness program or talk should happen in your kid’s school or if you’re a school and want a sensitization cum awareness program to take place there, then please get in touch with us. We will be happy to extend our support and help you with it.

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Satyam College of Education Noida – 10th April 2023

Schoolsaathi- School awareness program held on 10th April ’23

We are pleased to announce that our Schoolsaathi awareness program was held on 10th April ’23 in collaboration with Mr. Praval Yadav, Founder and Head of Margshree Special School and under the guidance of Dr. Sonali Kataria Founder Head of Sunrise Learning Foundation.
The event took place in the campus of Satyam College Noida for their BEd students.
Dr. Sonali Kataria and Mr. Praval Yadav shared their knowledge on the topic “Autism awareness – a step towards inclusion.”

We were thrilled to see the overwhelming response from the faculty and staff at Satyam College Noida.
Satyam College Noida has set an example for other educational institutions by taking a step towards promoting inclusion in the true sense. The college invited SpecialSaathi and their SchoolSaathi-school awareness program resource persons to conduct first amongst their series of workshops to train their BEd students who would be the future teachers, responsible for taking care of the entire class, including children with special needs.
We appreciate the college’s principal and coordinators for having a clear and positive mindset towards equal opportunities and imparting the correct knowledge about various disabilities to their students. Mr. Praval Yadav, the founder of Margshree special school, deserves gratitude for creating this opportunity, and Dr. Sonali Kataria is praised for being a terrific resource person.

We also commend the college’s teachers and students for being amazing audiences, and their hospitality and generosity towards the SpecialSaathi team are greatly appreciated. This gesture by Satyam College Noida will not only help future teachers to create an inclusive classroom environment but also contribute to building a more inclusive society.

Satyam College Noida’s commitment to promoting inclusion in education will surely create a ripple effect that will going to extend beyond their campus. Read the complete changemakersaathi – Campus story of Satyam College Noida will inspire and motivate others to create an environment of inclusivity, respect, and acceptance. The success of the awareness program will inspire other colleges and educational institutions to take similar steps towards creating an inclusive learning environment.


Global indian international school, GlIS Noida conducted a workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was an insightful session that helped the GIIS Noida staff and teachers in understanding various problem individuals face at school, work or life in general. The idea was to educate teachers who deal with such on regular basis, and offer practical solutions of helping neurodivergent children in mainstream schools, who are not unusual but special in their own unique ways.
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● Shirdi Sai public school, Moradabad (UP)24th September 2022

An online school awareness drive was conducted on 24 September 2022, with the help of our resource person Dr Sonali Kataria, Ms Sonia Jaitley, Ms Kreeti Mitra Bhatia in Shirdi sai public school in Moradabad on zoom platform. It was really heartening to see the level of awareness, acceptance and the will to act further. The amount of interest shown right from participation to putting up questions really touched our hearts. A big thanks from our team to all the people associated.

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