SpecialSaathi online shop

SpecialSaathi is super duper excited to share our new venture.

Introducing Satviki, meaning pure and honest(like our children)
Satviki is SpecialSaathi’s initiative to present and sell hand-made art and craft works by specially-abled children and young adults.
Satviki’s aim is not only to empower these children but also the families behind them, especially the women, by providing them an e-commerce platform to sell the art and craftworks of their differently abled artist kids.
So come with us, as we unveil Satviki with your blessings today.

Satviki is an online shopping experience bringing across products from three labels currently.
1.Art by Kabir
2.Prabhavana Arts by Morpheus Nag
3.Sitaara Crafts by Tarini and Muskaan

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And place your orders as we are open now……..

About the labels-

Art By Kabir– is an initiative to showcase art and art based products created by Kabir Vernal, an 11 year old, primarily non-verbal child on the Autism Spectrum. His artwork styles include abstract floral art (with loose brush strokes) , process art, abstract expressionism and intuitive  art.

Prabhavana Artworks -The Creative Mind
(A collection of Artworks by Morpheus Nag)
It expresses one’s self and opens up a world of individuality. This world would mean nothing without the existence of art.

About Sitaara by Tarini and Muskaan – A platform for children with special needs to showcase their crafts, especially those made out of waste or recycled materials. “Sitaara” means star, or starlight, and the name simply implies that all children with special needs are special like stars.