SpecialSaathi’s initiative MySuperSaathi “Yuvi and his friends” is an effort to raise awareness about special and superspecial kids among their typical peers and friends. This fun and interactive platform is aimed at helping kids understand that God has created everyone uniquely and that being different is normal.

The comic strip titled “MySuperSaathifeatures Yuvi and his friends and presents a light-hearted approach to sensitize kids about the differences that exist among children. By using relatable characters and situations, the initiative aims to help kids inculcate the idea of inclusion from the very beginning.

It is crucial to create an inclusive environment from an early age, where kids learn to accept and appreciate diversity. MySuperSaathi is an excellent platform for parents and educators to engage children in meaningful conversations about differences and help them develop empathy and compassion towards their peers.

Whether a child is neurodivergent or neurotypical, MySuperSaathi is a platform for all kids to learn and grow together. It encourages kids to celebrate their differences and embrace their uniqueness. This is our way to create awareness and inclusivity, hope that more such initiatives are taken to create a more inclusive society.

MySuperSaathi Yuvi

We are currently working on our comicstrip and in developmental phase. Please stay connected with us for more updates.