At specialsaathi we are committed to assist and support everyone in our community by the help of our committed team of experts and the services that we provide free of cost.


One of the approach that we are using currently is blogging and the approach is professional blogging – Technical blogging or content blogging.

Bloggersaathi model

Bloggersaathis who are already associated with us as a Bloggersaathi team by winning our maiden story contest and other parents who showed interest in being a part of this initiative as well are listed below.

Decide a day , spend 10-15 minutes of yours to posting a blog and either send it to me, or publish with your name(I will make you an author there).

Benefits :-

What blogging does is put your knowledge in context.

Why you did, what you did, where it brought you, suggestions for others.

I will encourage parents who are professionals as well to put their work and knowledge in regular blogs.
Because, when anything is published in it automatically goes to its Facebook page and twitter handle as a post.
You can repost and retweet simultaneously to your account and handle for a wider reach and visibility. Know more Click here


SoochnaSaathi is a search directory specially designed to provide maximum information about the list of professionals, specialists, special schools and therapy centers on the basis of your area and location; category of expertise etc. Click here


SchoolSaathi is a mission, an awareness program, a companion to thousands of parents who put their special needs kids in a mainstream/ inclusive/integrated school and somehow struggle due to lack of complete acceptance and understanding. Meet our team of experts associated with this program. Click here


ParentSaathi are the parent coaches who are special parents having a long enriching experience and journey of their own, ready to help and counsel. They could be your guide, mentor, helping hand, last hope, listening ear, a shoulder to cry and the silver lining in the dark and dismayed clouds of life. Click here


MySuperSaathi is for all the lovely bunch of kids whether, special or superspecial; whether neurodivergent or neurotypical. It’s a fun platform for them to learn about certain differences that God has created and made all the kids a little different from one another; they all are not same.

The contents published on this page are in a form of a comic strip titled MySuperSaathi. So, do you want to meet Yuvi and his friends. Click here


This section will feature all the experienced and fresh changemakers, trailblazers who are putting their blood, sweat, energy and time to help the community and bring out the change all across India.

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