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Alternative approaches to teach communication to the kids on spectrum.

This message goes to all the parents of kids on the Autism spectrum. Specially Kids who are still not speaking even after trying speech therapy for long time…. Its very important and high time that parents should take support of alternative communication like AAC or AVAZ app, letter board and other apps available to develop communication.

Do not build this fear inside you that if you introduce alternative communication then kids will not try to talk.

Just think about the kids situation wherein they have so much to share, express and talk about but dont know how to share it with you.

Do not forget to work on language developement as it still makes difference even if your kid is not able to repeat what he or she hears.

Please remember they are in the process of learning and exploring.

Please also make sure not to discuss something with other family members in front of your kid…specially matters about them which is not supposed to be spoken in front of them as well. They are hearing everything.

Take care and God bless all our kids!!