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Bloggersaathi junior Stories series-9


One day a puppy named HOPE was bullied by three bad dogs. They teased him “ can’t sniff”.

The little Hope ran away sadly to his mom. He reported the bad news to his mom. His mom advised him to practice smelling. From that day, the little puppy Hope practiced smelling and learnt that his nose is not useless.

Suddenly, he saw a breaking news “The leader of the village is missing”. The villagers were searching the leader. Hope used his power of the nose to find out the leader. He was sniffing for hours in the forest. Finally, he found the leader in a cave trapped by the foxes. They were planning to eat the leader for their lunch.

Hope barked on those foxes loudly. Everyone heard Hope barking and rushed inside the cave. All the foxes were howling and ran away to escape. Now, the little Hope became super hero of the village since he saved the leader of the village.

His family got happy and his bulliers were surprised, felt ashamed and learnt a lesson.

Moral: Keep practicing; Don’t lose hope. Everything happens for a reason.

I.Dictation words:
1. Nose
2. Useless
3. sniff
4. lesson
5. leader
6. fox
7. howling
8. hero
9. happy
10. puppy
II Meanings:
1. Puppy – baby dog
2. Fox – a wild dog
3. Hero – saving and helping everyone
4. Howling – long loud sound
III Oppsites:
1. Gloomy x happy
2. Lost x found
3. Can x cannot
4. Young x old
5. Mom x dad
6. Bullier x kind

IV Plurals:
1. Dog – dogs
2. Village – villages
3. Leader – leaders
4. Fox – foxes
5. Bully – bulliers

V Past tense:
1. Save – saved
2. Smell – smelled
3. Find – found
4. Bully – bllied
5. Run – ran

VI Anser the following:
1. Who bullied the little puppy Hope?
Ans: The three dogs bullied the little puppy Hope.
2. Who helped the puppy to practise smelling?
Ans: Puppy’s mother helped him to practise smelling.
3. Who saved the leader of the village? From the foxes.
Ans: Hope saved the leader of the village from the foxes.
4. How did the puppy learned smelling?
Ans: The little puppy practised smelling.

VII Think and answer:
1. How did the little puppy Hope saved the leader of the village and what he learned?
Ans: The little puppy sniffed for hours inside the forest and got lost. At last he found a cave. He entered the cave and saw the leader who was trapped by the foxes. The little puppy barked on the foxes. The people heard the little puppy barking and they came to the cave. The foxes ran away in fear. All felt happy since the little puppy saved the leader and made him the hero of the village. Everyone learned that his nose was not useless.

Author and Creative illustrations by B Gunin Khushi

I am Gunin. Studying 3rd STD in KRM school, Chennai.
I love dinosaur, maths, direct action movie, eat pizza
I want to become an entrepreneur (innovative company creator).

Creative representation for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Nikhil Thotam

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Bloggersaathi junior Stories series-8

Pogo’s Adventure
By Yuvaan Awasthi, 5years, Noida

Once upon a time, there was a puppy named POGO. He was a cute, naughty and soft Puppy. 
He keeps running everywhere in his house. He troubles his Mumma.

One day,when pogo’s mumma went to the
Office, he decides to go on a drive in his friend’s Teeko’s car. 
Teeko is a racoon and has a yellow car. Teeko 
did not come to play with Pogo that day 
because he did not finish his homework. So, 
Pogo was sad and he went to a jungle to see the jungle animals.
He was surprised to see so many jungle animals there. 
He saw Lion and tiger roaring and running to 
eat him. He saved his life from them but fallen in the river in hurry.
Mother duck Dora was swimming with her five little ducklings winky, binky, tinky, minky and pinky in that river.
Mother duck and ducklings saved pogo from 
drowning. Pogo says “thank you” to Dora Aunty and the new friends winky, binky, tinky, minky and pinky.

He learns his lesson and go back to his home.
His Mumma was back from the office and was searching for pogo. He tells her the whole story and says sorry.

His mumma hugged him. He now listens to his mumma and never leaves his home without her.

The end

Author Yuvaan Awasthi, 5years, Noida

Yuvaan is an energetic and a happy child.
• He loves his academics, coloring, reading books and writing stories.
• He loves visiting new places, and leisure activities like swimming, running and playing
• He’s amongst the top rankers in Genius Cerebrum International Olympiads of all the subjects.
• He has bagged number of awards, certificates and medals in academics, sports and co-cirruclar activities.
• He is a self learner.

Thank you Nikhil Thotam Bhaiya for the Pogo puppy’s drawing!

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Bloggersaathi junior Stories series-6

The Cheeky Monkey- written and illustrated by Arnav Karnekar

Author and illustration by Arnav Karnekar

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Bloggersaathi junior Stories series-6

King Lion’s Birthday party by Sadyant Satapathy and Navneet Kulkarni’s thought.

King Lion’s Birthday Party
Joint Winner of the Fifth position in SpecialSaathi
Children’s Day Online story-writing competition.
By- Sadyant Satapathy, 10 years, Puri

King’s birthday is 15th January today is 12th January do quickly. After 2 days the house was ready with decoration so the next day at 8 o’clock one will call the king to this place. The next day a rabbit had gone to call the king at 8o’clock. The rabbit said happy birthday king come I will take you to one place. King came with the rabbit.
When the king entered the house it was so
dark. When the king went to the middle of the house, Raj turned on the light. There were
many animals with a big cake. All the animals were excited. The king liked the way they did a big celebration on the king’s birthday.
The End

King Lion’s Birthday
In a Jungle there was a King Lion. One day
Donkey named Raj said to the monkey named
Raju. Raj said Oh no we forgot to decorate the
house. Raju said yes we really forgot about the king’s birthday party. Let me call the other
animals for decorating the house. Raju called all the animals for decorating. When the house was building Raj said quickly, we want to colour and decorate the house.

By Sadyant Satapathy
Std-IV A
Mother’s Public School, Puri

Navneet Kulkarni’s thoughts

Navneet Kulkarni

Artwork by Nikhil Thotam

Creative representation for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Nikhil Thotam

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Bloggersaathi junior Stories series-5

Monkey and the itching

Written by Students of Sunrise Learning school. Joint winner of fifth position in Specialsaathi’s Children’s Day Story-writing competition.

Navneet Kulkarni’s Thoughts

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