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SpecialSaathi is dedicated to bring out much needed awareness about Autism spectrum disorders amongst one and all.

Goal– Our goal is to bring change at every level!! The 3 ‘A’s which build the motto of our Autism help portal are “Aware, Accept and Act.”

Vision–  Our sole vision is to make everyone aware of certain disabilities which are invisible. Autism spectrum disorder is one such invisible disability people should know about. We are making people aware of the condition by carrying out awareness drives, by educating themselves and people around them about it. We are providing a gamut of expert services, information and expert guidance with the help of number of eminent people working in this field.

Autism awareness starts with each and everyone of us, parents,  professionals, siblings, friends. When everyone comes together and join hands, we can break down social stigmas and increase much needed awareness all around us. And hence we can accept the challenges which comes along with it. And can act further by turning out the challenges into strength and overcoming all the odds.

Make sure to be the change to create a change!

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