Some Musings: Love a poetry by Simmi Vasu


Love …is it something out there?
Or a tale of fantasy, we love to weave.
When did I see you last?
In the eyes of my parents,
Or was it my children?
Was it in the eyes of the stranger I helped?
Or in the joyful yelp of my pet when I enter home.
Still I yearned to feel your touch..
And then I saw that Gulmohar..
A riot of orange ..and my heart leapt..
Nearby some children dancing with no care
In their toothless smile , did I see you?
Love are you there in the smiles of my friends?
In the blessings of my elders..
Did I feel you in the melodies?
Which would move me to tears..
I am all these and much more…said love
You will see me all around, my dear…
Why do you seek me here and there…
The more you give me…the more I embrace you…
Don’t look for me… I am in You…

Simmi Vasu