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Autism and Eye contact

A video by Dr. SONALI KATARIA, Head of Sunrise Learning Foundation, to learn the importance of eye contact during establishing communication and bond. Is it really vital to establish eye contact, is it really a parameter to measure the attention and understanding of a child on spectrum? Let’s find out!

Autism awareness talk with Dr.Sonali Kataria Head Sunrise learning foundation, on My FM

Assisted Living solution – Ananda Ashram Kolkata

Anand Ashram is an assisted living facility for persons with Autism on a 10Acre land near Shantiniketan Kolkata. It is a dream project of our Changemakersaathi Shri Shishir Kant Misra. It includes a very decent living accomodation for those parents who may like to live their retired life near but separately from their Child with Autism. Construction is progressing at a fast pace. The facility will have a special school, a vocational unit, a bakery, a gym, walking/jogging track, swimming pool.
A resident will have 24X7 caregiver throughout his/her life.

TEDx Talk by Dr. Sonali Kataria- Stepping into the world of Autism

Moving ahead with Autism-a documentary on DD National featuring Dr. SONALI KATARIA, Sunrise Learning Foundation

Tips to build Language Development by Dr.Sonali Kataria, Sunrise learning foundation

Skill training by Dr. SONALI KATARIA, Sunrise Learning Foundation, Noida.

Parents Empowerment Programs- Purpose and details- By Dr.SONALI KATARIA- Sunrise Learning Foundation, Noida

How to teach social concepts using the powerful tool of Social stories? Tutorial by Dr.SONALI KATARIA, Head Sunrise Learning Foundation

Message to Parents by Smt Saswati Singh

ParentSaathi Talk -1 by Dr. Dasaratha Rama

Founders Message – 1