Do read what is an indigo personality and then you would realize you might be sitting next to an indigo child

1.They are born knowing they are unique and deserve to be valued.

2.They understand that they are here for a reason and expect you to understand that too.

3.They are aware of their worth 

4.They don’t settle for absolute authority or having no choices. The educational or hierarchical systems are good examples of that.

5.Indigo children can’t follow the same rules we did as children. They are rebellious.

6.They believe that everything should be given creative thought and don’t fit into strict systems.

7.Usually are quiet because they feel misunderstood and lost unless they are with other indigos.

8.Trying to scare these children with old control methods like – “Wait till your father gets home” has no effect on them.

9.It’s important their personal needs be fulfilled.

10.Have a creative touch for music, poetry, art, jewelry making, etc.

11.Have interesting hobbies.

12.An old soul, as if they are 13 going on 30.

13. Easily bond with plants or animals.

14. Willing to help the world

15. An isolationist, either through aggressive acting – out through fragile introversion.





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Creative Efforts and writing by Heena Sahi


“The Bakergirl”- a beautiful journey of Muskaan by Divya Surie

Muskaan as the name suggests “Smile”😊 a happy and a lovable girl born with delayed milestones and speech issues.

The initial beginning years of her growth were a bit tough to understand her anxiety and restless nature. But through various speech therapies, intervention lot of things were controlled and settled. But years passing by with age and other factors the question ❓ was how to engage Muskaan in company of other peer group company.

So I started doing small play dates at home, with support of her private teachers we started doing in house summer cooking and winter sports parties. Cooking classes by Chef Mom 😀with one or two kids to make muskaan adjust & socialize too.

But that was just a beginning then I made her participate in Sports meet & though she was hesitant but constant encouragement she Won medals like Silver 🥈 and Bronze for all three consecutive yrs. (2017-2019)

Then I made her join dance class & to our surprise she made us proud by getting her first trophy 🏆 in a dance show organised by “Sharda Sangeet Kala Kendra” ( Lions Club Noida) in yr 2019.
As a mother my first step to see her perform on stage infront of 100 people was a moment of pride.

After seeing her gaining the confidence to be on stage I wanted to give her yet another opportunity so I organized my Sale of Garments & put up a second stall of Art & Craft stuff which she made herself during the Art classes. To our surprise with the support of my friends, family and people visiting stall the “Sale”was a big hit. Each and every product from wedding envelope to tag cards, paper bags etc was sold in less than 2hrs.

Then we started organising more such Sale events about once or twice a year.
Last Sale was towards “Diwali” side, we made beautiful diyas, paper bags, gift tags & fridge magnets.

Further to our achievement we got the opportunity to collaborate with Sitaara Crafts at the beginning of this wonderful year Jan’22. Sitaara Crafts is a platform where specially abled kids can showcase their hidden & extraordinary talent. Our handicraft products like envelopes, tags, tote 🛍️ bags and pouches became a hit on Instagram social media.

And this Navratri festival of 2022, 4th Oct we did our first joint venture Sale which was a hit. ( By Muskaan & Tarini founder of Sitaara Crafts).

Also even during lockdown and pandemic problem we didn’t stop, Muskaan won Art contest, Cooking & Computer contest organised by “Sunrise Learning” and Orane kids” Special School.

Seeing Muskaan taking interest in cooking too apart from Art & Craft, we then started making dishes like cookies, Ladoo’s, Tea cakes & Choco mousse and Corn chaat…etc.

So with constant courage & spirit “to do” & keep the ” Josh” high 👍🙋we have launched our “Muskaan’s Bakery Products”🎂🍨🍮🍪 an in house outlet.

And iam really happy to share the kind of response which we are getting is overwhelming.

Last but not the least, as we hear” Work till u succeed”…was my motto & my brilliant daughter cleared her NIOS exam class 3 & 5 level with “A”grade in 2020 & 2021). Which was the biggest challenge I took to educate her on my own though with the help of her school Step by Step & her hardworking teachers support.

My Journey with Muskaan has been a full of
Achievements, 💕 love and happiness.

With god’s grace and blessings of my guruji & with my husband’s & parents support, I hope to continue doing my best and make Muskaan as an independent & social human being.

Regards Divya Surie m o Muskaan Surie.