ParentSaathi is a mission which was the first to be conceptualized amongst all the saathi missions.

It’s idea came from the personal experiences and journey; a need for providing a professional yet some personal touch in reaching out to people who desperately seeks help all through their journey of being a special parent.

ParentSaathi are the parent coaches who are special parents having a long enriching experience and journey of their own, ready to help and counsel. They could be your guide, mentor, helping hand, last hope, listening ear, a shoulder to cry and the silver lining in the dark and dismayed clouds of life.

Parents! ParentSaathi is for you, because you need it the most!

Specialsaathi will be carrying out one webinar each month where one of the listed ParentSaathi will be interacting with the fellow parents. Parents can further reach out to them and can consult personally by mailing etc.

Newly Diagnosed, Early Intervention experts ParentSaathi
Young and Adolescent ParentSaathi
Adult and Teenager ParentSaathi
Assisted Living ParentSaathi
Visually impaired with Multiple disabilities ParentSaathi
Home Schooling ParentSaathi
Learning Disabilities ParentSaathi
Financial Planning ParentSaathi

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