“Rapunzel at the Hair Saloon”

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“Rapunzel at the Hair Saloon”
Date: 29/01/2023 Author- Hetal Rathod

Myself Dr Hetal Rathod and my daughter’s name is Aadhya Rathod 6years old, I want to share our amazing experience with all of you.
Since many months we were trying to convince Aadhya for cutting her hair but she was not willing to do this because she is very much influence by the character Rapunzel (Tangled). She wants to grow her hair like Rapunzel 70Ft.
But we are facing issues that she doesn’t like to tie her hair, and it was very difficult to comb her hair due to tangled. So many times, we talk with her and explain her that small hair is very beneficial for her and she will look more beautiful.
Initially she was hesitated but she agreed to go with it.
Yesterday I saw her video of one girl went to saloon for manicure, pedicure and haircut. So, after watching this video she was agreed to do it on Sunday.
So today in the evening we went to the saloon where she explained hair dresser about what type of cut (On her Grandpa’s Birthday during videocall she had Bob Cut hair) the same hair cut she wants.
We took her favourite doll Chutki as a translon object with us while visiting hair cut saloon.
During her hair cut she co-operates very well. She also started talking with hair dresser. (about his name, his wife’s name, his baby’s name age schooling etc because she is chatterbox)
After finishing hair cut hair dresser told her that she can clip her hair on the sideways and she can leave open her hair. So, I told Aadhya that she can have hair clip like one of her classmates. But she corrected me that “I Won’t copy her but I will be Myself Aadhya”. So, every member at the hair cut saloon appreciates her reply and praised her.
Every day I was teaching her that do not compare your self to anyone. You should be yourself.
Today she corrected me on the same.
I am really proud of her.

Artwork by Aadhya Rathod

Thanks Everyone,
Hetal Rathod

My Rapunzel After Hair Cut

Author Hetal Rathod

Artwork by Dhrov Tikoo

Creative representation for this blog is done by our talented CreativeSaathi associate Dhrov Tikoo


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