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Engage,Enrich,Enact with Ramya @simplyathome

We are back and today’s podcast is Engage,Enrich,Enact with Ramya @simplyathome.

My idea to share this podcast is that one should reflect their own feelings associated to the podcast. .take their own takeaways that resonate with them.. Rejoice those moments of their own experiences..

Do share your valuable comments and feedback to my podcast. Happy listening 🎶

Author Ramya

I am named Ramya, would love to be called mom from my 13 year old son.  Certified in various streams and last year remedial too.

@simplyathome YouTube channel was created to have my sanity and to support other caregivers of kids in spectrum who are aware of what needs to be done, but stagnant like I have been on the “how to’s”  break down the process.

This is my small way to give back to community by sharing all that I attempt at home. Home is where values embed and home is the first school for each of us.

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Bloggersaathi junior Stories- part 3

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Happy Elephant and Naughty Monkey

Winner of third position in SpecialSaathi Children’s Day online
Story-writing contest
By Muskaan Surie,16 years, Noida

I love to buy and listen to animal stories.
My favourite animal is Elephant who lives in the Jungle and his name
is HaHa!!. A happy baby elephant. And his sweet naughty friend
Monkey named HeHe!!.

One day “He He” said to “Ha Ha” let’s have fun!.
But What is fun? asks Haha. Hehe says- Like I jump high and Clap,
Clap as I eat bananas Chomp! Chomp!.
As Bear plays the drums Ditty, ditty dum….
As Birds chirps on the tree -Chirp!Chirp!.
Then Haha says its fun to splash water.
Splash! Splash!.
Fun to watch stars and moon at night!
Twinkle ! Twinkle!.
And in the end they both fall asleep. And it was fun to watch them.

Moral of the story : We can be Happy in anything we do! Like Dance,
Sing , Play, laugh or Jump.

The End
By Muskaan Surie

The Eagle and The Cow – by Gunin b Khushi

Once upon a time, a selfish Baldbin Eagle was flying and looking for a friend.

He saw a farm nearby. He found that the Canfin cow is the leader of that farm and her close friend is Panpot parrot.

One day the Baldbin thought of killing the Panpot secretly and became Canfin’s best friend. But poor Canfin and Panpot was unaware of Baldbin’s bad plan.
Later, Baldbin invited Panpot parrot to his cave for a dinner party. After dinner, Baldbin attacked the poor Panpot and killed him.

Canfin was searching for her close friend in the farm. She did not find him anywhere. She was crying.
Baldbin told her not to worry and he will be her best friend hereafter. Canfin was happy to get a new friend.

One day Canfin was collecting apples on her way.

Suddenly she saw a big cave. She was curious to know if apples are available inside the cave. So, she went inside. She was shocked to see some bones lying in a corner. She noticed an eagle feather nearby.

She understood that Baldbin had killed her old friend Panpot. She cried and went back to her farm and reported this bad news to all other farm animals.
Next day when the Baldbin eagle came to the farm, all other animals trapped the eagle. A goat tied a red colour cloth on eagle’s body. Canfin’s father got angry by seeing the red colour cloth and he rushed and punched Baldbin with his horns. Baldbin ran away aoooch….aoooch….aooochee…

Moral: Do not attack others to get a friend.

Featured artwork of “An elephant and a monkey” for this blog is done by CreativeSaathi associate Nikhil Thotam


The katha about oral motor and sensory exercises

Above two are sample pictures of deep breathing with the shape assist/adjunct exercise would love this !