Hema Ratnani

Dr.Hema Ratnani

MD pediatrics (KGMU Lucknow)
PG Diploma in Management of Learning Disabilities (SNDT, Mumbai)
Developmental Pediatrician at Jaypee Hospital Noida
More than 15 years of experience as pediatrician.
Growth and developmental assessment of children.
Neurodevelopmental disabilities identification and assessment and guidance on management.
Behavioral management guidance
Learning disabilities management and guidance
Her job is to identify and offer guidance, it comes down to each family to work through these acc to their culture and priorities.
1. Multiple intelligences and different ways kid learn: visual auditory kinesthetic tactile project naturalistic.
2. Holistic approach to child development: social, emotional ,self regulatory, community integration , moral development along with cognitive.
3. Working with challenges( maladaptive behavior) with contextual understanding and positive behaviour support

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