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Understanding Autism

Author- Nilanjana Rambothu

Let us not complicated in understanding Autism
1. Our brain through networking of nervous system regulates our entire body and its functions.
2. Our skeletal structure and muscular system is integrated
Now if we consider this with fact analysis then you will find that children with neurodiversity actually don’t have apparent issues in case of motors till 9 months to 1 year
From here we find things slowly pointing us that things are not correct
If child is non verbal we notice early
In case child speaks then huge misunderstanding creeps in.

Again we have to understand the key issues in nuerodiversity are
1. Sensory Processing Disorder
2. Cannot filter sound
3. Impaired Cognition
4. Splinter skill

Now there is no definite cause for Autism. But few things are very definite and sureal. That’s children with neurodiversity have functional challenges and assessed that they have deviations is acquiring skills.
Now to be more specific. If assessed properly one can see children’s tone of muscle is unlike neurotypical.
And because we respond everything on sensory stimulation, you have to understand their response gets distorted because either overwhelming or under whelming of stimulation.

Now lot of people need to realize ASD is social interaction disorder and it arises from the fact that there cognition maturity is impaired. Absolutely does not mean intelligence is less.

All of you please read how nervous system works,
Then it will be easier to understand
Read Jaun Piaget Cognitive Development
Read Sigmund Freud personality development and of course principles of development.
Language is both motor and mental skills. It is both receptive and expressive.

More on understanding the fundamentals of Autism soon…

Nilanjana Rambothu

Consultant and RCI holder in special education (ASD)
Founder and director- Sunshine Autism Care Society. Kolkata,  West Bengal.

Creative artwork representing the essence of Autism done by Ansh Batra

Artwork representing “the essence of Autism” is done by our extremely talented and well known teen artist Ansh Batra of 15 years from Gurgaon.

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