Ansh Batra

CreativeSaathi associate

Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist”

The motto of a 15-year’s old Ansh Batra, a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder Hailing from India, Ansh found his inner voice in strokes of brush. Within the space of a frame, Ansh tries to build a world that is undeniably unique and different from the world we live in. When Therapies could not bring calmness in his mind ” Art ” came as a rescue to him. His canvas became his playground and color’s are his friends now. he plays with colors and every stroke expresses his emotions. Though he cannot speak, his works hold blissful conversations on his behalf”

His vocabulary and language skills are very limited impaired due to autism but as they say if God closes one door it shows light through other Ansh has found his calling in the world of Art .

Extremely hyperactive by nature Art is what brings calmness to his life . A power house of energy Art/painting is what makes him sit at a place. His strokes are bold and vibrant he has his own style of abstract expressionism.
On the threshold of adulthood Ansh is testing his boundaries and exploring the world through his Art.

Ansh has done more than 53 exhibitions till date and more than 500 paintings to his name. His paintings are travelling internationally 🤗

Ansh’s work can be seen on fb: