Yenn Purkis: A Changemaker Advocating for Autism and Neurodivergent Rights

Global Leaders and Changemakers- Yenn Purkis. Autistic author, advocate and is a non-binary gender and use the pronouns they / them

Yenn Purkis is an autistic and non-binary advocate and presenter. Yenn is the author of 13 published books, all about elements of autism. Yenn has many awards for their work including the 2016 ACT Volunteer of the Year Award and the 2019 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award. Yenn is passionate about making a difference for neurodivergent and Queer folks. Yenn has presented all over the world – often via Zoom! Yenn gave a talk on autism and resilience for TEDx Canberra in 2013. Yenn has a Masters degree in Fine Art. They also have a large public profile particularly in the autistic and transgender communities.
Yenn lives in a house full of art and books in Canberra, Australia with their little tortoiseshell kitty, Sunflower.

In a world that often struggles to understand and accommodate neurodivergent individuals, Yenn Purkis stands out as a true changemaker. As an autistic and non-binary advocate, author, and presenter, Yenn has dedicated their life to making a difference for those who are often marginalized and overlooked. Through their extensive body of work, powerful presentations, and unyielding passion, Yenn has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for the autistic and queer communities.

With an impressive collection of 13 published books, Yenn has become a leading voice in the realm of autism literature. Their books, each delving into various aspects of autism, provide invaluable insights and guidance for individuals, families, and professionals seeking to better understand and support neurodivergent individuals. Yenn’s writings are a testament to their deep understanding of the autistic experience, showcasing their unique ability to articulate complex emotions and perspectives.

Yenn’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. Their exceptional dedication and tireless efforts have been recognized through numerous accolades, including the prestigious 2016 ACT Volunteer of the Year Award and the 2019 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award. These honors speak volumes about the impact Yenn has had on their community and the respect they have earned among their peers.

Passionate about inclusivity and intersectionality, Yenn strives to create a world that celebrates and accommodates neurodivergent and queer individuals. Their advocacy work extends beyond autism, encompassing a broad range of issues faced by the neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ communities. Yenn’s unwavering commitment to fostering understanding and acceptance drives them to challenge societal norms, break down barriers, and amplify the voices of those who have long been silenced.

Yenn’s influence reaches far and wide, transcending geographical boundaries through their captivating presentations, often delivered via Zoom. Their talks, filled with wisdom and personal anecdotes, resonate with audiences worldwide. One notable moment was Yenn’s enlightening TEDx Canberra talk in 2013, where they shared their insights on autism and resilience. Yenn’s ability to connect with their audience, instill hope, and inspire change has made them a sought-after speaker on international stages.

Beyond their advocacy work, Yenn’s talents extend into the realm of art. With a Master’s degree in Fine Art, they demonstrate a profound ability to express themselves visually. Their house in Canberra, Australia, is a testament to their creativity, adorned with art and filled with books. It serves as a sanctuary where Yenn can fully embrace their passions and surround themselves with the things that inspire them.

Yenn’s public profile has grown immensely, particularly within the autistic and transgender communities. Their unwavering authenticity and commitment to creating change have garnered them a loyal following, who find solace and empowerment in Yenn’s words and actions. Through their vulnerability and openness, Yenn has shattered stereotypes and misconceptions, paving the way for a more inclusive and accepting society.

In the heart of their home, Yenn finds companionship and comfort in their little tortoiseshell kitty, Sunflower. Together, they navigate life’s challenges and remind us of the importance of unconditional love and connection.

Yenn Purkis exemplifies the essence of a changemaker. Their dedication to advocating for the rights of neurodivergent and queer individuals, coupled with their impressive body of work and captivating presentations, has undoubtedly transformed countless lives. Yenn’s impact is felt not only within their immediate community but also on a global scale. As we continue to strive for a more inclusive and equitable world, Yenn Purkis serves as a shining example of what can be achieved through compassion, authenticity, and an unwavering commitment to change.

Let’s hear Yenn’s journey in their own words. Yenn in a candid conversation with Shilpi Mayank Awasthi.

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