The 100-Day Selfcare quest experience 2: By Subha Rajesh and Dasaratha Rama

In today’s blog, Subha Rajesh shares her experiences and perspectives on selfcare. Her description is followed by Dr. Rama’s summary of the progress of the 100-Day Selfcare quest organized by SpecialSaathi and her evolving perspective on selfcare.

Selfcare Journey : by Subha Rajesh

The one person in this world whom we choose to ignore or choose to keep waiting is the self. In the journey of life, we all come to a point where we can’t ignore the cry that comes from within. A silent person who reaches out for help from its other half to whom the others interract.

I have travelled much through life, and met persons of all types yet I never thought that the one person who is impossible to ignore or difficult to process is a self that is in the throes of a rebellion. All people face their rebels from within at a stage in life and our kind, women are the most vulnerable of the lot. Much like the people who read this message, I have to listen to the innumerable sometimes insufferable and well-meant advice of many a friend. Voices of encouragement that fall like faint sounds to my ears. But somewhere the message that might be what I need is lost in process because I might not be ready for it.

I am left with a self that refuses to be dragged on and loses precious time by ignoring good things too and the other half of myself in its blind rush behind success at any cost only wants to coax and subdue its inner half into silent submission. The scene that plays out simply is the survival of the fittest that just like those beautiful souls that look up to you for their daily needs, there is another who yearns to survive, the inner self. Pampering the self is not about ignoring duties and necessities but an inclusive life where the child in you is kept alive to hold on to your other special child outside who needs the fingers to be held on tight and to be led looking into kind and most importantly happy eyes.

One day I just woke up to the thought that a happy and stable mind is a giving one so that my child and my family can receive the strength. Then the mind calmed down because all it seeks is stability and happiness. The same happy and stable mind is also a receptive one to listen to the clues that we look for everywhere to find our kid a better and best way to move forward. I started giving the time needed for my inner child to process all the day to day happenings and finding the smiles with a little attention to health and mental well-being. The journey is never an easy one cause the balance needs to be maintained. And we all walk through life on a tight rope with a very heavy basket of our beloved roses. Staying connected to your soul helps keep God in touch. And many a day when I feel the tears gathering, I remind myself to offer Him sincere gratitude and count all those blessings and wipe them away and find ways to bring the smile again so that I can add more such blessings to the list with every passing day.

I would like to conclude with one small episode from Sai Baba’s life. Baba rotates the grinding stone to grind wheat and as he does, he reminds us to rotate our thoughts inward and find strength within. That’s where the answers to all the outward things lay. The ability to let go of all hurtful or confusing things outside, believing in the self ‘s ability to give you an answer and to grab on to the gift of your soul and finding the smile again.

Rama’s Musings – Week 2 : by Dr.Dasaratha Rama

Selfcare is not the same as me time! That is what I have been thinking about this week. Selfcare is entirely possible while doing things with your child, with your child and family, and with the community. That is how I have been “counting” selfcare. The key is that I should not feel pressured to do something. No demands. I am doing things because I enjoy doing them. Then, I count the experience in selfcare. For example, Ananth’s website and youtube channel “work” is fun. I look forward to it. A key word for me is alignment. When I do the website with Ananth, I am harnessing all I know and exploring something I want to explore. This activity is an example that brings together you time, me time, we time, and us time seamlessly! I enjoy all of it and count it under selfcare.

SpecialSaathi 100-Day Selfcare Quest Project Update
At the end of two weeks, there are 14 participants who reported their selfcare activities daily. The data are being compiled and shared daily in the group.
Participants are also sharing their ideas about selfcare, the kinds of experiences they consider selfcare, and possibilities and challenges.
The idea of inviting participants to blog came because of these shares. We plan to continue sharing one participant’s journey each week.

Co- authored by Subha Rajesh and Dr.Dasaratha Rama

Subha Rajesh

Home maker, Mom, a poetry and writing enthusiast who likes to explore and write verses on philosophy, relationships and nature.

Creative representation for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Morpheus Nag

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