When my son was diagnosed, people around me consoled by saying “Don’t worry…all kids are special”.
When I called for an admission in school and told them that my son has special needs, their reply was “All kids are special”.
There were many instances like these. Every time I or rather we get to hear “ALL KIDS ARE SPECIAL”.
Now I have developed a serious issue with this statement. If all kids are special, why is it that few are Neurodivergent and few are not?
If all kids are special, why would there be so much scrutiny for a simple school admission? Moreover, charges also vary. Why do they need “SPECIAL WINGS”?
For few tantrums, immediately we get to hear “What did you give for food? Why is he/she not able to say what the issue is? When are you picking up your kid? “
Why would my kid require someone to look after when I/his dad are not around? Is this the same for neurotypical ones??
I don’t have anything against neurotypical kids or their parents. But I have a severe concern with the generalized statement.
Neurodivergent kids are fighting everyday for their rights to inclusion, education, acceptance and awareness. They are fighting for their voices to be heard. They struggle with day to day activities which includes bathing and brushing. Some even struggle with holding a spoon or chewing. Things that a typical child learns in few weeks, might take a lifetime for special kid.

Although they strive for independence, most of them are dependent on daily chores. Saddest part is they don’t know what to do when their parents are not around. If a typical kid starts life after 25 or so; for most of the neurodivergents, life ends there as parents have their own health issues to handle and they are at the mercy of assisted living facilities.

If one cannot empathize with special kids, at least do not belittle their struggles by making such generalized statements. Life is not so easy for being an actual “SPECIAL KID”

Author Prashanthi Vankamamidi

Prashanthi is a parent mentor & OPT level 1 certified, BG 104 certified and six bricks teacher.

Creative representation for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Nikhil Thotam

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