SuperSaturday by our CreativeSaathis

Artworks by our CreativeSaathis B.Gunin Khushi and B.Sushil Khushi

1. Title- Imaginary animals

Artist B.Gunin Khushi, 9 years

Description – Imaginary animals
Brlion – It is an imaginary animal. An animal mixed with a bird face and a lion body and hair. It has cool ideas to do things. It lives in mountain caves.
Catfish – It is a combination of half cat and half fish. These creatures live in sea caves. It eats rat and fish.
Chickensnake – It has hen head and snake body. It loves to play hide and seek on tree branches.
Gorilgator – It is a combination of alligator and gorilla. It loves to scare animals and stops reptiles and ape fighting’s. It lives in large trees surrounded by water.
Hammer-head-snake – Its head looks like a hammer and has snake shaped body. Its strong head can even break a mountain rock. It lives in burrows.

Artist B.Gunin Khushi, 9 years I am Gunin. Studying 3rd STD in KRM school, Chennai.
I love dinosaur, maths, direct action movie, eat pizza😅
I want to become an entrepreneur (innovative company creator).

2. Title- Imaginary Cars

Artist- B.Sushil Khushi, 7 years

Description – Bavana Beast car – It is my own imaginary car. It transforms into anything as I wish.
Duke bike – It is my favorite super duper stylish bike.
Bugatti car – My car is the world’s fastest car.

B. Sushil Khushi
I am Sushil Khushi studying 2nd standard in Vivekananda Vidhyalaya school.
I love cars, bikes, robots and mechanics.
I like to be happy and make others also happy.

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