How to remove learning protectors in children

If, despite constant efforts, your child repeats the same mistakes over and over again during his studies, it is not advisable to reprimand the child negligently. He may suffer from discrimination learning problem. Here’s what Disorder has to learn.

What is the reason?

Learning in children can be due to a number of reasons, some of which are as follows:

1. If a parent or close blood relative has this problem, the child may also have learning disabilities.

2. Sometimes problems can arise due to disturbances in the structure of the brain or nervous system like neurological causes.

3. A child may also suffer from a head injury or injury during birth.

Treat symptoms

1. A child with this disorder is recognized only when he begins to read and write.

Children with this problem often fail to recognize and write letters or numbers and read down backwards. For example, such children sometimes write their copy, T or T to 3A B to D, P to Q or P. Parents do not take such mistakes seriously initially. But when the child repeats the same mistake again, it is important to understand that there is a problem with the child’s decision to learn.

3. If such children are known, the spell goes back and forth. Such children sometimes write + instead of +.

4. While reading, the child sometimes skips whole lines or misses some words or letters when writing from a book.

5. It is not necessary that a child is emotionally red-handed with this problem.

6. Such children feel a lack of confidence in people.

7. Such children face various pressures at home and school. So their anger is more. Often such children become stressed, depressed and irritable.

8. If a child makes more mistakes in writing or math, it does not mean that such children always suffer from learning disorders. Many times children can make such mistakes due to poor eyesight, hearing difficulties, negligence of parents and teachers.

Even if the above symptoms appear in the child, you should not assume that the child is suffering from a learning disability without conducting a mental test.

How-to guide

1. Raising such a child requires a lot of patience. Learning should be made by frequent mistakes.

2. Never compare your child with other children. There will be a feeling of inferiority.

3. Keep meeting with your child’s teacher to make them aware of the problem so that they are not subjected to unnecessary scolding or humiliation.

4. Get new information about new teaching techniques and methods of teaching such children through books or internet.

5. Sometimes such children are weak in research but need some creative talent. If your child has a special ability, encourage him to move forward.

If parents and teachers are properly guided while being aware of the child’s intellectual development from the beginning, children with this problem can lead a normal life.

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