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The Jungle Friends – A bedtime storybook

An Anthology of 10 short animal stories in am ebook form

The Jungle Friends is an anthology of 10 short stories based on animal Friends. These stories are written by extremely talented neurodivergent kids. These kids are the Specialsaathi Children’s day Story writing competition winners and participants.

Expressing through storytelling and Story-writing that too imagining various scenarios and setups is quite hard for our kids but not impossible. Specialsaathi has organized a story writing competition for the lovely kids and the result is some beautiful stories weaved out of these Kid’s tiny brains, now a part of a wonderful anthology storybook.

We should be proud of these wonder kids abd their parents /mentors who have guided them write and beautifully present each story.

So, let’s download the pdf version of the ebook The Jungle Friends and read it to your little ones and encourage our supertalented kiddos.

The Jungle Friends

Download your ebook copy from here 👇

Special thanks to the esteemed judges for the story writing contest-

Ms. Archana Shankar – “Everyone has put best of efforts. Some of them have done beyond their chronological age! Love you all, kids!!”❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Feedback by Judge Mrs.Archana Shankar

Ms. Rakshita Misra – “These kids are fantastic. I cant believe they have such brilliant skills at such small age. All the best for their future.” Feedback by Judge Rakshita Misra.

Thanks to creative lead Heena Sahi and bloggersaathi junior lead Ashuti Menon

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