Magical Visual Calendar

A video tutorial by Monika misra (special educator) on the importance of Visual Calendar and how to teach it to our kids.

A concrete visual calendar is an effective way to show our students exactly what is going on. A calendar is a good way to help your child understand what is happening on a larger scale than a daily schedule.

Unusual events which interrupt the regular routine can confuse children, resulting in behavior problems. Calendars allow you to present these changes in a clear, simple way well in advance using a picture symbol such as going to the doctor on Thursday or to the mall on Saturday.

A calendar can also be used to show:
• When someone is coming to stay for a visit
• When the family will be taking a trip
• When your child might be staying at another house
• Doctor or dentist appointments

Author Monika Misra

Monika Misra
Founder of Deific Skill Portal, Lucknow
Special Educator at Sunrise learning, Noida.
Parent counsellor at Kant Brain Center, Lucknow.

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