M for mooove…

Looks like, I cannot talk enough about Movement. In my earlier article, I talked about how play impacts our kids and us and what few ways we can incorporate it in our Daily Rhythm.

Count every opportunity to move as valid and choose to take it. Movement in small blocks throughout the day is the key here.

Today, I want to dig slightly deeper on the how we can add Movement in our Daily Life. Apart from some formal exercises suggested to us or outdoor play, we can do :

  • Dance ; some days just let loose, we don’t have to teach very waking second. Our favourite or my favourite kinda movement.
  • Playing Hide and seek : its a great game for teaching problem solving skills. When I delved on this, I started with hiding things in front of my daughter and putting them all out around us, and tried to keep an object which she recognises well so as to use it for hint. I had to teach her how to play the game step-by-step. It didn’t come naturally to her. and slowly I started hiding them under the objects which she recognises like plate/pillow/big-book etc, to finally closing her eyes and hiding them. It’s a great game for building Family Connections.
  • Pocha-play or Mop-play : Some days, we put mops under our feet and pretend play that we are gliding, trust me on this – it wasn’t easy for me. I seriously lost balance lots of time, and it brought so many giggles. Use theatrics to make it fun.
  • Cleaning door / windows / shelves / furniture around the house : trying to shoot 2 birds with one arrow here. Hey ! Getting things done, as well as bringing movement and teaching life skill, can a parent ask for more? Ha ha!
  • Grocery shopping for specific dish : I give 2/3 options to my daughter as to what one dish (palak paneer or sambar or simple soup) we can eat for dinner, and we watch a video together followed by, making the list of ingredients and check what’s available at home and whatever is not, we walk to nearby shop and buy it. I write down steps , we do all the prep-work – starting from cleaning to washing and then finally cooking it together. Its been only 2 times we are able to do it, but it was great. I could see the sense of joy and fulfilment in both of us.

Above were my list of things we do together, let me know how you incorporate movement in your Daily living. I need some inspiration to give choices to us, before I hit a roadblock.

I recently came to know of a term called “Movement Kindergarten”, what a beautiful phrase. Baby steps is the first part . & How we navigate them in our daily lives is truly where the rubber hits the road.

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