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30th Floor! 30th Floor!

Biscayne Bay Marriott, June 26 -27, 2007

I have been fascinated by tall buildings for a long time. Thank you Dhairya Pal for your creative representation that conveys my fascination for tall buildings.

One day, I went to the Biscayne Bay Marriott. I was really wanting a high floor. When we got a room on the 30th floor, I was very excited. We dashed up the elevator. Then I slid the plastic card key into the slot. I opened the door and rushed into the room. I relaxed in the room and went to sleep.

I woke up in a good mood. I had been looking forward to this day for three weeks. Suddenly, I heard my dad exclaim that we had lost power. Then I freaked out. I wondered how we would get down from such a high floor. The 30th floor did not seem so wonderful anymore.

My mom said it was ok. We can take breaks and then walk down slowly if the power did not come back. But I insisted that we had to use the elevator. Then she reassured me that we had enough food so we can wait. But I was not happy with that option and continued to be upset about the situation.

Finally, we got the power back. We packed our bags and went down the elevator. In August, we went to a hotel in Chicago. I would still have liked to go to the 20th floor. But my dad reminded me of Biscayne Bay and said that the maximum we could go was the 12th floor!

Bawling in Biscayne Bay

While the Biscayne Bay experience did not work as expected, it gave us a fun play. We have enacted Bawling in Biscayne Bay many times over the years. Of course, I did not actually bawl. I was only upset. But we were creating a series of stories including Anxious in Atlanta, Growling in Grandpa’s House. Meltdowns in Minneapolis, Tantrums at Twilight, and Wailing in Washington. So we called it Bawling in Biscayne Bay.

My mom and I used to enact this scenario many times. My mom would enact Ananth. She would flail her arms and ask to go to the highest floor in an excited voice. I would enact the hotel receptionist in that story and say that the 30th floor was available. Then, Ananth (played by mom) would get even more excited and exclaim “Let us go” in an excited voice. I also would enact my dad noticing the power cut. Then Ananth would start bawling. Then Mom also acted mom and reassured Ananth there was food so we could wait in the room.

Prestige Lakeside, February 2021

While I no longer insist on staying on the 30th floor, my interest in tall buildings continue. So I was very excited to learn that my mama and mami were buying a home in Prestige Lakeside Habitat. I was even more excited to learn that some towers had 30 floors.

Prestige Lakeside Habitat is an unusual complex. It has a mix of 24 tall towers and 271 huge villas. It has a variety from one bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom villas. The towers in Prestige Lakeside Habitat vary between 19 and 30 floors. They divide the towers and villas into parcels. I was very surprised that this complex had a mix of tall towers and big villas. I have never seen any complex with a mix of tall towers and big villas. Ten of the towers in Prestige Lakeside Habitat have 30 floors.

I am fascinated by apartment complexes and study them with great interest. I go to the website and find out all about the apartments in Prestige Lakeside Habitat. I am now so interested in tall buildings that my mama and mami take me around the towers. My mama and mami also have become interested in walking around the towers.

Explorations: My Journey to Blogging

  1. Ackerman A. 2016. The Urban Setting Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to City Spaces. JADD Publishing

My writing teacher Ms. Idania Cater, suggested this book. I have not used it for more than two years. Now, it is time to use it for writing my blog!

  1. I am using Obsidian ( to record my thoughts daily. I build my blog post gradually during the week.
  2. Theater and writing: Since I had the opportunity to participate in RASA Day 2022 (, my mother and I talked about theater and the role of setting and props. Now, I can see why the Urban Setting Thesaurus suggested by my teacher is important. Writers must paint a vivid picture of the setting with words!

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