Dr.Dasaratha Rama

Dr. Dasaratha Rama (“Rama”) is a Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics at Florida International University.

She obtained her B.Tech. degree from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 1985 and her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 1990; in between, she worked as an Analyst Programmer at IDM India.

She has published widely in the areas of optimization modeling, internal controls and auditing, corporate governance, and pedagogical innovation.

She is the author of a textbook titled Accounting Information Systems, a book titled Growing Systems of Success (published by The PhD Project), and the Editor of a monograph titled Learning by Doing: Service Learning in Accounting published by the American Association of Higher Education. Rama has served as the chair of the Teaching & Curriculum section of the American Accounting Association and was an Engaged Scholar with Campus Compact-Pew Charitable Trusts during 1999-2001.

She is the developer of the Growing Systems of Success approach based on “The PhD Project” model. She is a certified leader in Systems Thinking, Mapping, and Leadership and uses their thinking method and visual mapping tools in college teaching as well as a learning tool for her autistic son.

She has developed the LIFESMART approach and the LIFESMART parenting approach to guide parents in creating the right experiences with their neurodivergent child over time. LIFESMART is based on her experiences with varied therapeutic approaches and educational approaches. It also integrates a systemic perspective on parent empowerment based on the Growing Systems of Success framework. She has created several social media groups on LIFESMART parenting and regularly shares ideas, tips, tools, and techniques with parents. As a professor and home educator, her vision is to create experiences and resources to support every parent in guiding, supporting, and advocating for their neurodivergent child’s educational and life success.