Yamini Goenka

RCI registered special educator and a child psychologist working in this field for more than 15 years; have worked, for pushing inclusive education in Rajasthan. The centre Pehchaan ( under Sodhani charitable trust) in Jaipur acted as a bridge between the mainstream school and children with special needs. We tried to build a team between the school, parents and special educators for these children. I have worked with multiple disabilities like learning disability ,autism intellectually challenged down syndrome and CP.
She has always believed in empowering parents and hence kept them informed about each teaching method used or changed during invention. My strength are early diagnosis ,educational assessment ,early intervention, behaviour modification, play way therapy, remedies and more. Recently, I have relocated to New Gurgaon and have started my centre by the name Helping hands.
Apart from Children with special needs, we also give counseling for parents and children for behaviour modification, social behaviour and speech issues due to pandemic. Teenage handling, exam phobias, anxiety, OCD or child depression.
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