Vinayak Raj

CreativeSaathi associate

Vinayak Raj,12 is a multi talented Autistic child artist .

Some highlights of his abilities are as under:-

* He has interest in drawing, painting, singing and sports.

* His academic record is excellent. *He sings Hindi, Tamil and Bangla. *He plays Hindi, English, Tamil and Bangla songs on keyboard.

* He has performed in live shows on stage organised by Ehsas and Nirvana.

* He plays basketball and won first prize in competition organised by Cornstone Foundation.

* He is a free hand sketch and painting artist without any formal training.

* He has participated in several competitions and exhibitions.

* He successfully participated in Rhythm and Blues magazine for year 22-23.

* He has also been awarded milestone certificate for performing on West Pune Music Club.

* Autism Spectrum has invited him for keyboard performance.

* Autism Connect has sought his videos.

* He also took part in Super Talented Kids Award 2022 Season 1.

Links to the social media handles and pages

vinayakthemusicalmaster – instagram account