The Art Event for Autism- Kabir Vernal’s Solo Art exhibition

Celebrating Creativity and Inclusivity: The Art Event for Autism- Kabir Vernal’s Solo Art exhibition

In a world where every stroke of a brush, every splash of color, and every artistic expression holds the power to transcend barriers and connect us on a profound level, the recently held Art event for Autism organized by the Maqaam Foundation, in association with SpecialSaathi and several other organizations dedicated to the Special Needs community, was a testament to the magic of art and the strength of unity.

This extraordinary event was a celebration of talent, inclusivity, and the remarkable journey of a young Neurodivergent artist, Kabir Vernal, who at the tender age of 12, showcased his fabulous artworks to the world. The event took place in the vibrant city of New Delhi, where art enthusiasts, advocates for neurodiversity, and supporters of inclusion gathered to witness a truly remarkable solo art exhibition.

Artwork by Kabir Vernal

Kabir Vernal’s journey as an artist is nothing short of inspiring. His artworks, displayed at the event, were a vivid reflection of his unique perspective on the world. Every stroke on canvas seemed to tell a story, convey an emotion, or offer a glimpse into theintricate workings of his creative mind. His pieces of art not only left a lasting impression on the viewers but also challenged preconceived notions about the abilities of neurodivergent individuals.

Chief Guest with Guests of Honor

SpecialSaathi team, led by the dedicated Founder Shilpi Mayank Awasthi, and the other team members including Ms. Shivanie Kapoor Founder and Head Motivation and Kabir’s mother Triveni Goswami Vernal herself played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding success. Shilpi, a Guest of Honor, a support partner, and a speaker in the awareness program, brought her insights, experience and passion for the special needs community to the forefront. Her presence was a testament to the collaborative spirit that defined this event.

Shilpi Mayank Awasthi and Shivanie Kapoor

The awareness program held during the four-day event (16th- 19th September) was a crucial component. It aimed to shed light on the challenges faced by individuals with Autism and the importance of fostering an inclusive society. During this program, various autism advocates, with their deep understanding of these issues, delivered a heartfelt and impactful message, reminding everyone that true progress lies in our collective efforts to embrace diversity.

Guests at awareness program

As we celebrate the success of the Art event for Autism, it is imperative to pause and express our deepest gratitude to Triveni Goswami Vernal. Her tireless efforts, boundless dedication, and sheer determination have been the driving force that has propelled us forward on this journey. She’s been the woman behind the scenes, running the whole show effortlessly. You have tirelessly worked behind the scenes, ensuring that every detail of the Art event for Autism fell into place seamlessly.

As we move forward, let us thank other extremely important individual Niyaz Hussain, the Founder of the Maqaam Foundation. With his unwavering commitment to empowering underprivileged children of Delhi Slums and individuals with various disabilities and other special needs, he orchestrated and curated this event to provide the platform for Specially-abled artists like Kabir to shine. By doing so, Niyaz demonstrated that art knows no boundaries and that talent can flourish regardless of one’s neurodiversity. So, on behalf of everyone who has been touched by your presence, your dedication, and your support, we at SpecialSaathi extend our heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude. You are the embodiment of strength, resilience, and love, and we are privileged to have you as a guiding light on this incredible journey.

Niyaz Hussain and Shilpi Mayank Awasthi

The Art event for Autism was not just about appreciating art; it was about recognizing the immense potential within the special needs community and the need to create a more inclusive world. It served as a reminder that when we come together with a shared vision, we can create transformative change.

As the colors on Kabir Vernal’s canvas blended to create masterpieces, so did the efforts of Maqaam Foundation, SpecialSaathi, and other organizations unite to paint a brighter and more inclusive future. This event was a beacon of hope, a celebration of diversity, and a powerful statement that when we celebrate uniqueness, we unlock boundless creativity and potential.

Niyaz Hussain, Triveni Goswami Vernal and the artist Kabir Vernal

The Art event for Autism was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. It celebrated the creative spirit of a young artist, showcased the power of collaboration, and ignited a flame of awareness and inclusion that will continue to burn brightly. It was a testament to the fact that art, unity, and compassion can change the world, one brushstroke at a time.

We thank the media partner of this event Voice4ability for the coverage of the event.

The brilliant artworks of Kabir in a beautiful Catalogue (PDF format) can be viewed here-

Thank you for Reading!!

Author Shilpi Mayank Awasthi
Founder SpecialSaathi

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स्पेशलसाथी: न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी (ऑटिज्म स्पेक्ट्रम विकार) और विभिन्न विकलांगता को समझाने के लिए जागरूकता फैलाने का माध्यम

न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी और ऑटिज़्म स्पेक्ट्रम डिसऑर्डर (ASD) ऐसी सामाजिक समस्याओं में से हैं जिनके बारे में समाज में कुछ गुमनामी और भ्रांतियां हैं। यह रूग्णों के और उनके परिवारों के लिए एक चुनौतीपूर्ण और अवगुण्ठित अनुभव हो सकता है। इस बड़े मामूली समस्या के समर्थन और जागरूकता के लिए समर्थन और संचालन करने के लिए स्पेशलसाथी वेबसाइट एक महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभा रही है।

स्पेशलसाथी सभी के बीच ऑटिज्म स्पेक्ट्रम विकारों के बारे में आवश्यक जागरूकता लाने के लिए समर्पित है। स्पेशलसाथी वेबसाइट एक महत्वपूर्ण संसाधन है जो न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी, ऑटिज्म स्पेक्ट्रम विकार, और विभिन्न विकलांगता शरीरों को समझने और उनके साथ सहयोग करने के लिए जागरूकता फैलाने का माध्यम है।

स्पेशलसाथी का एकमात्र विज़न हर किसी को कुछ ऐसी अक्षमताओं के बारे में जागरूक करना है जो अदृश्य हैं। ऑटिज्म स्पेक्ट्रम डिसऑर्डर एक ऐसी अदृश्य विकलांगता है जिसके बारे में लोगों को जानना चाहिए। हम जागरूकता अभियान चलाकर, खुद को और अपने आस-पास के लोगों को इसके बारे में शिक्षित करके लोगों को स्थिति के बारे में जागरूक कर रहे हैं। हम इस क्षेत्र में काम करने वाले कई प्रतिष्ठित लोगों की मदद से विशेषज्ञ सेवाएं, सूचना और विशेषज्ञ मार्गदर्शन प्रदान कर रहे हैं।

स्पेशलसाथी का लक्ष्य हर स्तर पर बदलाव लाना है। इस ब्लॉग में, हम देखेंगे कि स्पेशलसाथी कैसे न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी और विभिन्न विकलांगताओं के बारे में जागरूकता फैलाता है और इसे समझने की दिशा में कैसे मदद कर रहा है।

स्पेशलसाथी क्या है?
स्पेशलसाथी वेबसाइट एक समुदायिक प्लेटफार्म है जो विभिन्न प्रकार की विकलांगताओं, विशेषतः न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी और ऑटिज्म स्पेक्ट्रम विकार, के बारे में शिक्षा और जागरूकता प्रदान करता है।

समय पर जानकारी और संवाद
स्पेशलसाथी वेबसाइट न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी और ASD के बारे में सबसे हाल की जानकारी प्रदान करती है और समर्थन के लिए एक सुरक्षित स्थान प्रदान करती है जहाँ लोग अपने ज्ञान को साझा कर सकते हैं।

संवाद और समर्थन समूहों का गठन
स्पेशलसाथी वेबसाइट ने विभिन्न प्रकार के समर्थन समूहों को बढ़ावा देने के लिए प्लेटफार्म प्रदान किया है। यह समुदायों को बढ़ावा देता है और उन्हें आपसी समर्थन प्राप्त करने का मौका देता है, जिससे उन्हें अपने अनुभवों को साझा करने और एक-दूसरे की समस्याओं का समाधान करने का साहस मिलता है। ये समूह विकलांगताओं के लिए सहयोग और समर्थन प्रदान करते हैं जो उनके और उनके परिवार के लिए महत्वपूर्ण होते हैं।स्पेशलसाथी WhatsApp समूह में शामिल हों

जागरूकता और शिक्षा अभियान
स्पेशलसाथी वेबसाइट एक जागरूकता अभियान के रूप में काम कर रहा है जिसका उद्देश्य न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी, ऑटिज्म स्पेक्ट्रम विकार, और अन्य विकलांगता शरीरों को सामाजिक स्वीकृति और समर्थन प्रदान करना है। इसके तहत, वेबसाइट लेख, वीडियो, और ऑडियो संसाधनों को साझा करती है जो इस विषय में ज्ञान बढ़ाने में मदद करते हैं।

वेबसाइट अधिक जागरूकता फैलाने के लिए विभिन्न शिक्षा संसाधनों को प्रदान करती है, जिनमें वीडियो, ब्लॉग,और वेबिनार, चेंजमेकरसाथी ,स्कूलसाथी, स्वास्थ्यसाथी, मेरा सुपरसाथी – युवि और उसके दोस्त (MySuperSaathi: Yuvi and his friends), जागरूकतासाथी (Awarenesssaaathi), खेलसाथी (Playsaathi) पहल शामिल हैं।

विभिन्न पहलुओं का समर्थन
स्पेशलसाथी वेबसाइट विभिन्न पहलुओं का समर्थन करता है, जैसे कि शिक्षा, रोजगार, स्वास्थ्य, और सामाजिक समर्थन। इसका मकसद विकलांग व्यक्तियों को उनके अधिकारों और मौकों के बारे में जागरूक करना है ताकि वे अपने जीवन में सफल हो सकें।

सहायता और संरक्षण“सूचना साथी पहल” संविदानिक संगठनों और सरकारी योजनाओं के बारे में जानकारी प्रदान करता है ताकि लोग अपने अधिकारों का सही तरीके से उपयोग कर सकें।

वृत्तिक उद्योग का समर्थन– न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी के रूग्णों के लिए रोज़गार के अवसरों को बढ़ावा देने के लिए, “सात्विकी पहल” विशेष रूप से योग्य बच्चों और युवाओं द्वारा चलाया जाने वाला छोटा व्यापार के साथ मिलकर काम करता है, उन्हें सशक्त और स्वायत्त बनाता है।

इस तरह, स्पेशलसाथी न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी (ASD) और विभिन्न विकलांगता के बारे में जागरूकता फैलाने और समर्थन प्रदान करने में महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभा रही है। यह एक समर्थनीय समाज की दिशा में एक महत्वपूर्ण कदम है,
स्पेशलसाथी के साथ, हम एक समर्थनीय समाज की ओर कदम बढ़ा रहे हैं, जिसमें हर किसी को समाज में समाहित किया जाता है, चाहे वह न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी या ASD से जुड़ा हो। इस वेबसाइट के माध्यम से, हम न्यूरोडाइवर्सिटी के रूग्णों और उनके परिवारों के लिए समर्थन और जागरूकता को बढ़ावा देने में सक्षम हो रहे हैं, और इस तरह हम एक अधिक समझदार और सहानुभूति से भरपूर समाज की दिशा में कदम बढ़ा रहे हैं। इस यात्रा में, हम सभी को यह सिखने को मिलता है कि हर कोई विशेष है, और हमें इस विविधता को स्वागत करना चाहिए।

ऑटिज़्म जागरूकता हममें से हर किसी से शुरू होती है, माता-पिता, पेशेवर, भाई-बहन, दोस्त। जब हर कोई एक साथ आता है और हाथ मिलाता है, तो हम सामाजिक कलंक को तोड़ सकते हैं और अपने चारों ओर आवश्यक जागरूकता बढ़ा सकते हैं। और इसलिए हम इसके साथ आने वाली चुनौतियों को स्वीकार कर सकते हैं। और चुनौतियों को ताकत में बदलकर और सभी बाधाओं पर काबू पाकर आगे कार्य कर सकते हैं।

परिवर्तन लाने के लिए परिवर्तनशील बनना सुनिश्चित करें!

पढ़ने के लिए आपका शुक्रिया!!

लेखिका शिल्पी मयंक अवस्थी
स्पेशलसाथी की संस्थापक

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Build your Second Brain and Help Grow the Community Knowledge Garden

“Knowledge garden” is a metaphor for a dynamic and living system of information, ideas, and inspiration that interact, cross-fertilize, feed and grow on each other.

School of Commoning

A small story before I start this article. As I started planning this article, I asked Shilpi Mayank Awasthi, Founder of SpecialSaathi, whether one of the CreativeSaathis could do a creative representation of the second brain. Within a few hours, I had two creative representations! I started wondering how to best use these two representations by Dhrov Tikoo and Morpheus Nag. As I started writing the article, an idea came to me. I would use the two artworks to convey two different but related concepts. Dhrov Tikoo’s representation for conveying the idea of a knowledge garden and Morpheus Nag’s representation for the conveying the idea of a second brain.

I will be hosting our first webinar on the second brain concept and tools on January 9th, 2023. Please join our Facebook group here for information on this virtual meetup and other discussions on the second brain.

In the few months that I have been associated with SpecialSaathi, I am impressed with the way a knowledge garden has started evolving through the efforts of Shilpi Mayank Awasthi, Founder of SpecialSaathi. The SpecialSaathi structure of ParentSaathi, CreativeSaathi, BloggerSaathi, SoochnaSaathi and other initiatives paves the way for the development of a well-organized knowledge garden for the parent and professional community. There is a wealth of information on SpecialSaaathi. More importantly, this information is organized and curated to facilitate retrieval and use.

“Knowledge garden” Artwork by Dhrov Tikoo

Second Brain

Building a second brain is a systematic method for saving and retrieving ideas, inspirations, insights, and connections we’ve gained through our experience. The second brain is an external repository (notebooks and digital repository) for the things that we learn and the resources from which we learn.

Second Brain artwork by Morpheus Nag

The way that I will use the terms second brain and knowledge garden is as follows:

*Second brain refers to individual efforts to compile and curate their learning and resources.

*Knowledge garden is a community resource.

Individual efforts to harvest and organize their learning supports the development of a community knowledge garden. In turn, a community knowledge garden provides learning resources for individuals to harvest and include in their second brain!

Example 1: Rama’s SpecialSaathi Blog Posts and LIFESMART Webinars

I have started building a second brain that compiles selected blog posts that I wrote last year as well as links to our LIFESMART ParentSaathi webinars. While blog posts can be accessed from the SpecialSaathi website, my collection is a curated one. I have selected the posts that I want to talk about more in 2023. I have omitted some (e.g., on 100-day projects) because I will be writing newer versions of these articles in 2023 based on what we have been learning. This collection is built in Wakelet. I quickly embedded it in this post. Scan the posts in this Wakelet and read what interests you. Add it to your second brain!

Ananth’s 100-Days of Smile Brightly and Dance Project

Ananth is building a second brain for his Smile Brightly and Dance project. It is an organized resource that we use for our practice. As he does lessons with his teacher, Shri Ujwal Jagadeesh, we add resources to this second brain. The clearly organized individual second brain is also being shared as a resource for the community. There are many short videos of lesssons that parents can use to implement their own 100-Days of Smile Brightly and Dance project!

Benefits of Second Brain

  • The repository below is a detailed and organized record of our learning during the 100-Day project.
  • Resources can be accessed easily for review and practice.
  • Teachers can see learner’s activities and progress.
  • Resources can be curated and shared with the community in an organized manner.
  • The community has access to resources in one place rather than resources being scattered in posts in groups.

Build your second brain in 2023 and continue contributing to the SpecialSaathi and LIFESMART knowledge gardens! Together, let us build a better future for our children!

Author Dasaratha Rama

CreativeSaathi specialsaathi

Winners of the SpecialSaathi Art competition 14th November 2022

Winners of category I
Age group- 6 to 12 years

First position- Lavanya Iyer, 9years, Gurgaon, Radha Krishna

1st position – Lavanya Iyer, 9years, Gurgaon. Painting – Radha Krishna

Feed back by jaya Mulraj– she has tried to put many things in it, its very innovative and original.

Feedback by Monika Saroch– I like the originality of the work. It is pure, innocent and depicts emotions beautifully.

First position- Manasi Deverkonda, 9years, Gurgaon, Time flies

1st position-:Maanasvi Deverkonda, 9 years Gurgaon. Painting- Time flies.

Feed back by Monika saroch – Lovely texture and effects. Neatly done. Theme is executed beautifully
Feedback by Jaya Mulraj– Its clean and quite unique painting.

Second position- Kabir Vernal, 11years, Hyderabad, Lollipop forest

2nd position– Kabir Vernal. 11 years, Hyderabad, Painting- Lollipop forest

Feedback by Jaya Mulraj– very clean and use of vibrant colors.
Feedback by Monika Saroch – nice and clean

Third position- Vishishtha Parashar, 6 years

3rd position– Vishishtha Parashar, 6 years 10 months, Delhi. Painting- Abstract art

Feedback by Jaya Mulraj– nice balance of colours
Feedback by Monika Saroch– Lovely colours; there is harmony and balance in the painting

Third position- Prajakta Dey, 12 years

3rd position– Prajakta Dey
12 years, Mysore

Feedback by Monika Saroch– nice effort
Feedback by Jaya Mulraj– Neat and clean painting with glitter

Winners of Category II
Age group 12+ to 18 years

1st position– Morpheus Nag
Age 15, Chandigarh

Feedback by Monika Saroch– The drawing skills are excellent, it’s a masterpiece.
Feedback by Jaya Mulraj-
Mind blowing painting

Second position- Dhrov Tikoo, 14 years

2nd position– Dhrov Tikoo
14 years, Delhi

Feedback by Monika Saroch– mature work, beautifully done.
Feedback by Jaya Mulraj– Nice artwork

Second position- Nikhil Thotam, 15 years

2nd position– Nikhil Thotam
15 years, New Jersey, USA. Painting- Abstract flaming.

Feedback by Monika Saroch– Harmony of the colours makes it striking
Feedback by Jaya Mulraj– Beautiful color combination with beautiful picture.

Third position- Shikhar Asthana, 15 years

3rd position: Shikhar Asthana, 15 years Noida.

Feedback by Monika Saroch– its a lovely work.
Feedback by Jaya Mulraj– Good effort.

Third position- Shubh Pathak, 14 years

3rd position: Shubh Pathak, 14 years, Greater Noida
Feedback by Monika Saroch– Lovely work
Feedback by Jaya Mulraj– Nice, shiny work with good finishing.

Feedback from the coordinators for all the participants

Congratulations to all the budding artists for putting efforts in participating.
None of them is less than a masterpiece for me, I wish you all love and blessings ❤️ Anshul Batra

Kudos to all the kids for creating beautiful and mature artwork! Love the way parents shared their child’s work and connected with us. Lots of love and blessings. Shilpi Mayank Awasthi

Congratulations all the winners!! The winning entries will be featured in the specialsaathi annual calendar 2023. It will be out in January 2023.

There will be an online Art exhibition tomorrow on our website which will feature all the wonderful artworks sent by our budding artists during the competition.


Happy Children’s Day!! From SpecialSaathi Team

To all the Super Duper Awesome and Fantastic Bachhas!!

A very Happy Children’s Day to you all!

Team specialsaathi wish you a fantabulous and fun filled, enjoyable moments and the happiest returns of the day, not only today but forever!!

All the Saathi members of Specialsaathi team are extending their heartfelt wishes to you through this post.

Happy Children’s Day To each one of us-
Dr Sonali Kataria Sirohi

“So true …
When I read it .I was thinking as a parent of special needs…and I just feel the same analogy for my son This is true for all the parents here too and for the kidos ..young or adult,
boy or girl..
They may not do anything as per their age and as per norms of society but their presence in our life is enough for us ..what we get is that छाया, like that पेड़ their unconditional, unstoppable love and laughter .
Thanks to the writer who wrote this …

*”हर पेड़, फल दे”*
*यह “ज़रूरी” नहीं…*

*”किसी – किसी की”*

*”छाया भी”,*
*बड़ा “सुकून” देती है!!!*
Happy Children’s Day
God bless everyone
Love and blessings”
Arpita Yadav
Laughing Buddha

“Every child is mother nature’s precious gift, blessings from heaven, a wonder to behold and a treasure to cherish. Let’s nourish, embrace and help them shine.
Dear kiddos, childhood is just not all about being wild, having fun and enjoying a carefree life but to enjoy each and every moment of it till it lasts.
Lots and lots of love and blessings to you all; Happy Children’s Day!” – Shilpi Mayank Awasthi

“My dear Children!

It’s a poem I wrote long ago for all of you who have to lead the country.

I don’t have any advice for you , It’s a promise I want to take from you all as the older generation who will have to now sooner or later step aside. Read my poem here…A promise
Happy Children’s Day”- Simmi Vasu

A video message by Nilanjana Rambothu

“Children are my passion, they teach me how to live and love life, unconditionally.
I am blessed to give them whatever I can, to achieve their best potential.
This process makes my life complete.
Wishing all of you a very Happy Children’s day !” –Yamini Goenka

“My dear kids !! You all are the most beautiful and amazing human beings I have ever met or seen.your presence , your smiles , your gestures of love bring so much energy and life. I always admire you for all the hard work you have been doing . Keep dreaming , keep rising and keep shining. Lots and lots of love” – Vandana Gautam

“I extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to you all… A Happy Children’s Day. In addition, let’s celebrate this day with joy and fully appreciate the gift of childhood that has been given to us.” – Anshul Batra

“To all my people out there. You could be a child, a parent, an educator…it does not matter. You are all my fellow humans on this journey that we are on. A journey at is in equal parts exciting, infuriating, frustrating, joyous but above all liberating. It liberates us from any limitations that we may have put on ourselves in terms of our endurance or strength, for on this journey we meet our true selves, a powerful one one who fails at times but then bounces back. The very spirit of our child like resilience. Let this Children’s Day be a salute to the child within all of us. Our truest form whose spirit remains untouched, free of shackles and full of joy! Love and Light to all.” – Sonia Jaitley

Dear parent,

I have three suggestions for you
1. Follow the 4Es. Explore with your child, engage them in a variety of Experiences, create opportunities for your child to Express themselves, and Enjoy your time with your child.
2. Use the five theater arts tools (movement and dance, music and rhythm, storytelling, drama, and arts and crafts) to implement the 4Es.
3. Find ways to enable your child to express himself or herself using angika (body movements and nonverbal communication), vacika (speech and language), aharya (props and setting), and satvika (emotional expression).

Learn more at
We homeschooled and lived this way but TAHD has provided a way to organize and communicate this message to others.
Dr. Ambika Kameshwar. 2006 _Theater Arts for Holistic Development._ Ramana Sunritya Aaalaya Trust.
Ananth’s mother
LIFESMART and TAHD Parentsaathi- Dr.Dasaratha Rama

“Happy Children’s Day to all our .. Every child is an unique kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden. We assure you all to make this planet more congenial for you.” Blessings From Praval Yadav

“Lil kids and friends
There are three suggestions I want to give you.
1. I think movement is good for neurodivergent children because they cannot do desk work for eight hours. I have been dancing for ten years. I also like to go on long walks.
2. I recommend folding with Wholemovement because found it to be a relaxing activity. I have been folding circles since I was nine years old.
3. Playing the piano is also a relaxing activity and I think it is good for neurodivergent children.

Please visit my website at http://www.ananthraghunandan,com. I will be starting a page with suggestions for parents and children soon. Happy Children’s Day” -Ananth Bhaiyya

“You can learn something new everyday if you listen to your children because children are most positive people you”ll come across..
Happy Children’s Day” – Heena Sahi

“Our blessings & love for you all & forever. You all are and will always be winners in our eyes. God bestow you with his choicest always. Keep smiling and keep reminding us the importance of being kind and compassionate. We love you.”Kreeti Maasi

Congratulations kids!
Participating in an event itself is an accomplishment, and you crossed that hurdle, went further and won the prize!
You have made not only yourself and your parents proud but to the whole community and esp your peers!
Keep going and God Bless you all! – Shinjita Pant

I feel blessed to extend my warm wishes to the little angels on the occasion of Children’s Day! Wealth and children are the adornment of the life of this world. I whole-heartedly pray the best future for our children! May they prove to be an asset for the nation! – Dr.Vikas Dixit

My dear little champions,
Today I wish you all the best in life. This day is dedicated to you. May you all stay healthy, cheerful and successful in every thing you do.
You give strengths to us parents. Thank you for being part of our life.
Shishir Kant Misra
Grand father (Nanu) of Roshnee.

Hi kids,
You are one of the sweetest blessings of the Almighty.You present before us different opportunities to explore.You are full of love, kindness and care.
” You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”.Your special strengths and challenges will make you shine and enlighten the world!!

Love you loads kiddos!❤️❤️- Archana Shankar

Happy children’s day to all my beloved kids. Their speciality made us to learn more to meet their speciality and we became special educator for others. – Poonam Pandey

May the innocence that they hold, stays forever in their pure heart and bring the best out for each and every one of them. Children are blessings on Earth, nurturing them is are way of showing gratitude. Nourishing them is our prayer for the future.
Happy Children’s Day to everyone celebrating Rakshita Misra

I m grateful to Shilpi for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the art competition. Each art work was beautiful so judging it was not easy. As such every art created is a wonder in itself . Thank you once again. Monika Saroch