Some Musings: Love a poetry by Simmi Vasu


Love …is it something out there?
Or a tale of fantasy, we love to weave.
When did I see you last?
In the eyes of my parents,
Or was it my children?
Was it in the eyes of the stranger I helped?
Or in the joyful yelp of my pet when I enter home.
Still I yearned to feel your touch..
And then I saw that Gulmohar..
A riot of orange ..and my heart leapt..
Nearby some children dancing with no care
In their toothless smile , did I see you?
Love are you there in the smiles of my friends?
In the blessings of my elders..
Did I feel you in the melodies?
Which would move me to tears..
I am all these and much more…said love
You will see me all around, my dear…
Why do you seek me here and there…
The more you give me…the more I embrace you…
Don’t look for me… I am in You…

Simmi Vasu


Knowledge- a poem by Simmi Vasu

“This is one of my favourite poem…I wrote as if speaking to kartik…it was written when I saw many a times people in our field do not share the knowledge they have…This knowledge and information if shared without any inhibition, between therapist to therapist or therapist to parents or parents to parents we can create a ripple effect to change the life of our children and adults who depend on us”- Simmi Vasu.

What is knowledge? Asked my son
I said, true knowledge is a journey without an end.
As you seek it grows and grows
You can’t see its head or toes.

True knowledge breaks every shackles,
Of ignorance, jealousy and petty squabbles.
It teaches you to be humble and kind.
It is the third eye even for the blind.

As you spread it, it does not diminish,
But fools keep it, thinking it will finish
It goes beyond the books you learn
And spreads in you like an un-spilled urn.

Son, do not keep it to yourself
But let it spread its wings.
Let it make you a guiding light,
For the world and its beings.

Knowledge has the power to heal,
It’s your wealth which no one can steal.
True knowledge my dear son
Is a journey not an end.