Titans – Aren’t we all

Titans – Aren’t we all
within the jungle’s ley
trees and shrubs amidst
she lived in royal splendour
the queen of the #pachyderms
how lucky thought the #sparrow
so huge and tough
with her large ears
strong and able limbs
pearly knives to defend
nose so long to drink and breathe
tasty top leaves on trees
hers to reach and devour
no mane to maintain
rolling in the muddy banks
walking afar through miles
breaking the giant stalks in crumbs
a privilege to be the #elephant
thought the sweet #sparrow
she sighed and flew to feed her young

not a time to rest thought the elephant
mothering the herd of a dozen and more
the smallest a prankster and stubborn
always on the lookout for predators
she ably leads her pack across lands
fights to rescue vagabonds of her crew
search for water and food a chore
languor on the river was never easy
ears and eyes from the jungle
watching their little kingdom
she felt like #Atlas who held #Earth
on his able shoulders
never to let it down

like the able Atlas
each of us creations of God
shoulder our own little #Earth
even the #sparrows
and little creatures
all that breathe
#Titans in our own right
aren’t we all.

Everyday in our #lives we meet different #people, unique and beautiful in their own way. Each of them make a part of a wonderful #puzzle on this #Earth and it includes not just us humans. Every #creation of #God is meant to be a part of this #incredible #Universe and who are we to judge and decide who is what and who is not. Each of us are #Titans in our own right. Let us #believe in it and #respect everyone and fulfill our part with #love wherever we go and wherever we are meant to be.

For #Special Saathi
With the Grace of the Lord,
Subha Rajesh

Author Subha Rajesh

Home maker, Mom, a poetry and writing enthusiast who likes to explore and write verses on philosophy, relationships and nature.


Some Musings: Love a poetry by Simmi Vasu


Love …is it something out there?
Or a tale of fantasy, we love to weave.
When did I see you last?
In the eyes of my parents,
Or was it my children?
Was it in the eyes of the stranger I helped?
Or in the joyful yelp of my pet when I enter home.
Still I yearned to feel your touch..
And then I saw that Gulmohar..
A riot of orange ..and my heart leapt..
Nearby some children dancing with no care
In their toothless smile , did I see you?
Love are you there in the smiles of my friends?
In the blessings of my elders..
Did I feel you in the melodies?
Which would move me to tears..
I am all these and much more…said love
You will see me all around, my dear…
Why do you seek me here and there…
The more you give me…the more I embrace you…
Don’t look for me… I am in You…

Simmi Vasu


“Lost me”- by Shilpi Mayank Awasthi

As they say “sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself”. So, part of our lives and time is lost in completely devoting to our kids..their therapies, school, adls, Milestones, and every other thing related to them. But in this process, we should try finding out ways to find our lost selves.

We are more than just special mothers, super moms, proud moms..we are more than that.. each one of us..

I have chosen a path to find “lost me”….

And most of the mothers connecting to me in my journey; some or the other way are trying to find “lost me” in them..

Yes! We are also just like any other person with our own triumphs and tribulations; our ups and downs; our victories and downfalls; our identity and our “lost me”.

I completely feel you all the wonderful women..I feel you..
More power to each other and to the “lost me”