Happy New Year 2023 by Rodrigues family

The ChangemakerSaathi for this week Janice and Bryne Rodrigues have sent their best wishes to all the parents connected with specialsaathi through this video.

Happy New Year 2023 by Rodrigues family

Thank you Rodrigues family – Joanne and Brydan; Janice and Bryne.

Specialsaathi wishes you all success, happiness, health and peace. May you find everything your heart desires. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New year 2023! Here’s to another year full of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories!!


Happy New Year 2023

New year resolutions and Season’s Greetings by CreativeSaathi associates

Ansh Batra

New year resolution of Ansh

Kabir Vernal

New year resolution of Kabir

Morpheus Nag

New year resolution of Morpheus

Shubh Pathak

About the Painting::
Shubh’s painting is a tribute to “Siddharth Kalsi” who recently passed away at the age of 21. Just like this lighting candle; he was a beaming ray of light and hope to his family, friends and kids at school; He was distinct; rare and uniquely bright even among many stars around him; He is missed and he will be always missed”;
The candle burns away but the light always remains

New year resolution of Shubh

Dhrov Tikoo

New year resolution of Dhrov

Vinayak Raj

New year resolution of Vinayak

Dhairya Pal

New year resolution of Dhairya

Lavanya Iyer

New year resolution of Lavanya

Thank you for reading the post by our CreativeSaathi team; Happy and prosperous New Year to all!🎉💫✨️