Shivani Lohia

My name is Shivani Lohia and I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. However, I decided to take a break when my son got diagnosed as I wanted to support him fully.

Just like any other parent, I also constantly experience anxiety and insecurity regarding my son’s future. The thought that how will he survive when i am not with him constantly bothers me.

During this journey, i got connected with number of parents platforms where kids’ issues, OT, Speech, Special education , etc are discussed day and night. However, gradually i realised that so far as autism is concerned, financial planning is the most ignored aspect and by the time we realise how much we need it, it’s already too late. Life is very unpredictable . It is very important to start planning as early as possible to ensure a dignified life for our special needs children.

Being a finance professional and a special parent, i intend to help fellow parents in planning a financially secure future for their special needs children. With this intention, I founded ” *Autism Financial Planning* “(AFP), which is a financial information desk to help special parents in effective financial planning for their special needs children. The website of AFP is under progress and shall be launched soon.

My life is dedicated to this cause. I shall feel grateful if my efforts can make even a small positive change in someone’s life.

You can connect with me at and +91 9910353219.