Kreeti Mitra

Kreeti Mitra Bhatia Founder, The Special Mom Gurgaon, India Autism does not come with a manual. It comes with a parent who never gives up. Gurgaon-based Kreeti Mitra Bhatia is one of those kinds. The mother of two was completely at a loss when her first born was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She had two choices – either lose hope in despair or take it up as a challenge and raise a happy child with special needs. The fighter in her chose the latter. And after becoming an autism strong mother, she went on to create a platform for other mothers with special needs children to be there for each other, so The Special Mom was born.

The Special Mom allows mothers of children with special needs a place to vent out their thoughts, feelings without any hesitation. It is a place to have fun, cry and talk your heart out and let your hair down and then walk ahead with a renewed vigor. These wonderful women will meet once a month so that those few moments of zaniness energize them and prepares them to face their daily struggles. This platform innovated completely the approach towards special need parenting and is constantly curating important programs to empower the parents, especially the mothers. The platform has successfully launched a Dad only exclusive WhatsApp group as well. And along with this its running groups across more WhatsApp & Telegram for mothers which are classified age wise of the child. The community has grown to 6000+ members across all platforms.

She is also the recipient of Gurugram’s Achievers Award 2019 and She The People TV’s 40 over 40 awards 2020.