Global Changemakers

We are thrilled to announce that SpecialSaathi is embarking on a remarkable journey to celebrate and recognize the extraordinary work of global leaders and changemakers from diverse corners of the world and various continents.

As a part of our ChangemakerSaathi initiative, we will be featuring their inspiring journeys throughout the months of July and August.

Each week, we will introduce you to a new changemaker, presenting their remarkable achievements, struggles they faced, and the transformative projects they have undertaken.

The Global ChangemakerSaathi for August month are-

1●》Ashley Blaker-Ashley Blaker is an internationally acclaimed comedian and television producer who has graced screens and airwaves worldwide, an acclaimed author of the book “Normal Schmormal” based on his life experiences as a devoted parent himself, with six children, three of whom have SEN diagnoses. Ashley’s work includes- Stand-up comedy performances on five continents, Television and radio appearances that have resonated with audiences globally.He’s a writer for TV and radio, the creator and star of the much-anticipated second season of his beloved show on BBC Radio 4, delving into the joys and challenges of raising children with special needs.

The Global ChangemakerSaathi for August month are-

1●》Tigger Pritchard– “Awesomely autistic” based out of Cornwall UK. A globally recognized conference presenter, consultant, trainer, and speaker with a remarkable background of over thirty-four years.
As an Autistic individual, Tigger’s personal and professional experiences have made him a powerful advocate for neurodivergent individuals.

2●》Michael Korins– Award winning autistic singer based out of US delivered Captivating performances at “Autism’s Got Talent” and the “All Autism Wedding.” He is the cast member on the A&E channel’s “#theemployables
For Michael Korins, the stage is not merely a platform for entertainment; it is a canvas for spreading hope and inclusivity. His music serves as a beacon, guiding others to embrace their passions and gifts without reservation or doubt.

3●》Duncan Casburn, aka PDA Dad UK- Director at Feenix productions, and YouTuber at PDA DAD UK
& The Grumpy Gits Show.
He is the father of two beautiful kids, Curtis and Sienna, and Sienna lives with autism and pathological demand avoidance (PDA), they both team up to offer reviews on sensory toys, giving viewers the perspective from the child and the parent.
Duncan is Loving father to an autistic daughter & husband to a neurodivergent wife. Duncan has become an advocate for the SEND community through his Caring Role and his YouTube channel: PDA Dad UK. Duncan is also an Ambassador for The PDA Society, DIAS, Devon Carers and The Parent Carer Forum. He started his YouTube channel to help promote the understanding and acceptance of autism.

4●》Lara Stanton Schaeffer– Elite English language specialist at FinetunENG, late diagnosed Autistic. Lara has emerged as a transformative force through her organization Autism Discovery and her second venture, finetunENG, she is revolutionizing the way we understand autism and language barriers, providing support and empowerment to individuals worldwide.

The Global ChangemakerSaathi for July were-

●》Ms.Geeta Dalal Special Educator, Psychologist, Dyslexia Therapist from India.

●》Yenn Purkis an autistic and non-binary advocate, TEDx speaker, presenter and author of 13 published books, all about elements of autism, from Canberra Australia.

●》Joanna Grace – an Autistic Sensory Engagement and Inclusion Specialist, a globally published author, trainer and TEDx speaker. Founder of The Sensory Projects, from UK.

●》Dr.Anila Khan– Clinical Psychologist, SLT,
Psychotherapist & Trainer
@ Imam Connect – UK
R.A @ University of sherbrooke, Canada
Global-International Director for Sound of Autism.
Founder – CRPR, GAPDAS.
Social Worker & Human Rights Defender & Disability rights activist, from Islamabad Pakistan.

Stay tuned to our social media platforms and website throughout July and August as we post their stories and interviews and introduce you to more of our esteemed ChangemakerSaathis for August.

Together, let’s create a platform that amplifies the voices of those who are making a tangible difference in the world.

Thank you for being a part of our global community. Let’s celebrate and uplift these extraordinary leaders who are shaping a brighter future for us all!

With gratitude,
The SpecialSaathi Team