Autism Awareness Month Event

Greetings from specialsaathi 🙏

Dear all,

We are delighted to announce that SpecialSaathi will be conducting a number of initiatives and awareness programs on the occasion of World Autism Awareness day on 2nd April and throughout the month of April, which is celebrated as Autism awareness month.

We are excited to launch our MySuperSaathi comic strip, which will be published each day in April to spread awareness about Autism. In addition, our SoochnaSaathi page will be updated with a list of directories to help parents and caregivers find the resources they need.

We will also be conducting various awareness programs such as Schoolsaathi, SwasthyaSaathi, and Playsaathi, which will help raise awareness about Autism among different segments of society.

Dr. Gayatri Narsimhan will be conducting a series of ParentSaathi talks on SpecialSaathi platform amongst which the first one is scheduled on 2nd April, on the World Autism day, to promote skill development and vocational training for children with Autism.

The Talking fingers’ book(Hindi version) promotional event by the editors and other experts, and a talk on the new educational policy by Mr. Deepak Krishna Sharma, will be other highlights of our ParentSaathi talks.

We are also excited to announce our ChangemakerSaathi initiative, where we will be featuring the best Special Schools in Noida. Our CreativeSaathis will create awareness about Autism through their regular artworks, and our Bloggersaathis will spread awareness through their blogs. Moreover, we will be incorporating one more label to our SpecialSaathi’s e-commerce platform Satviki to promote best opportunities to the specially-abled individuals.

We have introduced a new segment called “Main SpecialSaathi: Awareness Mascots.” The initiative aims to promote awareness and acceptance of disabilities while encouraging individuals to see beyond labels.

Here are some key points about this new segment:

●Promoting Inclusivity

●Raising Awareness

●Encouraging Self-Acceptance

●Celebrating Differences

●Creating a Supportive Community

The campaign strives to make the world a more accepting and inclusive place for persons with disabilities.

We hope that our initiatives will help raise awareness about Autism and provide valuable resources to parents, caregivers, and educators. We look forward to your participation and support.

Do visit our MySuperSaathi, ChangemakerSaathi, SoochnaSaathi and Main SpecialSaathi Awareness Mascot pages for the latest updates and additions.