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SpecialSaathi’s Online Art Exhibition 2023

SpecialSaathi’s Online Art Exhibition 2023 showcasing the artworks of the participants of SpecialSaathi Online Art Competition 2023.

We take immense pleasure in introducing the SpecialSaathi Online Art Exhibition 2023, a celebration of creativity and talent. Today, we proudly present the award-winning entries from the 19-28 age category, a testament to the remarkable skills of young artists. Join us on this artistic journey as we unveil the exhibition segment by segment each day. Witness the awe-inspiring creations of specially-abled individuals, showcasing their unique perspectives and artistic prowess. Your support is invaluable as we embrace and appreciate the marvels within this diverse and talented community.

Art Exhibition of the Winners of 19 to 28 years age category

1st PositionArtist Name – Anisha Bansal
Age – 19 years
Diagnosis – Hearing Impairment. Place – Faridabad.

About the Art:- This is an attempt to paint one of the famous painting by the famous Indian painter – Raja Ravi Varma. Portrayed here is young and beautiful Shakuntala with her Sakhis, Anusuya and Priyamvada in sylvan surroundings.

Artwork specifications:
●Size of the sheet – 12*18 inch
●Medium (e.g., oil paint, etc.) -poster colours 
●Sheet type (canvas or other) – Cartridge sheet 

First prize winner- Artist Anisha Bansal

Judge’s Feedback-

Ravinder Tanwar- Wonderfully executed Colours. With controlled and balanced Composition

Niyaz Hussain- The clarity of linework and expressions in your artwork, is simply amazing!

2nd positionArtist Name : Nikhil Kapoor 
Age :  25 years
Parents Name : Mr. Chaman Kapoor & Mrs. Vandana

He is Autism Spectrum child, has ear for music, he plays tabla very well. 
He has studied till tenth grade. Has won many prizes in school. 

He loves to do painting. Painting is one activity in which he can sit for hrs together. He won twice at very special arts. Has sold many paintings also. He recently participated in eCapa Art Exhibition. 

Second prize winner- Artist Nikhil Kapoor

Judge’s Feedback-

Ravinder Tanwar- Beautiful Lines with good control and Vibrant Composition.

Niyaz Hussain-Clear lines and shading, makes your artwork attractive!

3rd position- Artist Name: Atharva chaple
Age: 20
Diagnosis: Intellectual disability 
Place: Nagpur
Art Specifications
Size of the sheet: 210x297mm
Medium: crayons
Sheet type: A4

Third prize winner- Artist Atharva chaple

Judge’s Feedback-

Ravinder Tanwar- Lovely depiction of daily life.

Niyaz Hussain- You were able to capture the image of a thoughtful girl, through your art!

3rd position- Artist Name – Sarang Sachin Jaltare
Age- 28
Disability- Autism spectrum( asperger)
Place- Hyderabad

Art specifications
Size 12 by 12 Inches
Acrylic colours on Canvas

Third prize winner- Artist Sarang Sachin Jaltare

Judge’s Feedback-

Ravinder Tanwar- nice and balanced textures.

Niyaz Hussain-You did a great job on the beautiful vase and background work!

Consolation prize winner

Name of the child: Glevina Dsa  
●Age: 19 yrs
●Diagnosis: Autism
●Place: Bangalore, Karnataka 

Artwork specifications :-

●Size of the sheet:  A4 size
●Medium (e.g., oil paint, etc.): Pearl Acrylic paints
●Sheet type (canvas or other): 140gsm paper

Consolation prize winner- Glevina Dsa

Judge’s Feedback-

Ravinder Tanwar- Lovely and eye- catching art.

Niyaz Hussain-Beautiful elements in your painting!

Consolation prize winner

Name of the Child : Shashwat Shukla
Age : 23Yrs
Diagnosis : Autistic
Artwork Specifications:
Size of the Sheet : 100CM X 67CM
Medium : Oil Pastel
Sheet type :Mountboard

Consolation prize winnerShashwat Shukla

Judge’s Feedback-

Ravinder Tanwar- A simple yet beautiful artpiece.

Niyaz Hussain-The elephant painting is a wonderful piece of art !

To be continued tomorrow …….

By Shilpi Mayank Awasthi


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