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SpecialSaathi’s Grand Online Celebration: Diwali, Children’s Day, and Art Competition Results!

SpecialSaathi recently hosted an unforgettable online event, combining the joyous spirit of Diwali and Children’s Day with the much-anticipated announcement of the results for the SpecialSaathi Online Art Competition 2023.

The virtual extravaganza welcomed participants, their parents, and art enthusiasts to a lively celebration filled with excitement, fun, and a unique blend of activities. The primary aim was not only to reveal the competition winners but also to create a joyous atmosphere to commemorate the upcoming festivals.

Through this event, SpecialSaathi’s founder and organizer of the Online Art competition Shilpi Mayank Awasthi expressed her heartfelt gratitude to every child who participated, showcasing an incredible array of talent, creativity, and imagination. Special thanks were extended to the parents for their enthusiastic support, evident through the numerous messages and emails received during the competition.

Acknowledgment was also given to the esteemed judges, Mr. Ravinder Tanwar Sir and Mr. Niyaz Hussain, who devoted their valuable time to meticulously evaluate each artwork and provide insightful feedback.

As promised, the event featured two distinguished guests, Ms. Monika Mishra and Mr. Lokesh Mittal. Monika Misra led an enchanting storytelling session paired with a beautiful patchwork drawing activity, while Lokesh Sir, also known as Bali Sir, conducted a superb, wonderfully executed, high-energy dance session. Adding to the excitement, Pranjal Mishra and Ananth Raghunandan showcased their unique talents during a one-minute fame segment.

The event reached its conclusion, leaving participants with not just the eagerly awaited competition results but also cherished memories of a lively and entertaining evening. It was a blend of result declaration and a festive party, bringing joy to young participants and their parents alike.

SpecialSaathi extended heartfelt thanks to the children, parents, esteemed guests, and judges for joining the celebration and contributing to its success. Warm wishes were extended for a happy and prosperous Diwali, along with a fun-filled Children’s Day.

In closing, SpecialSaathi wished everyone a delightful and safe long weekend, urging all to immerse themselves in the festivities and enjoy the abundance of fun.

We proudly share the glimpses of this funfilled event with you all.

Thank you for reading! Thank you once again the judges Ravinder Tanwar Sir, Niyaz Hussain , the guests of the event Ms. Monika Mishra and Lokesh Mittal Sir; parents and our dear kids who made this event a grand success.

Author Shilpi Mayank Awasthi, Founder SpecialSaathi

By Shilpi Mayank Awasthi


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