SpecialSaathi joyously commemorates Diwali with the true Lakshmis.

SpecialSaathi and Maqaam Foundation proudly collaborated with Josh Foundation for their AwarenessSaathi Initiative, and celebrated Diwali and Children’s Day in a grand manner with the adolescent girls from the underprivileged segments of our society.

In a heartwarming and inspiring event held on 8th November, the AwarenessSaathi initiative brought together the forces of SpecialSaathi, Maqaam Foundation, and Josh Foundation at the Josh Foundation office, New Delhi, to raise awareness about various disabilities and empower adolescent girls of the marginalized section. This event not only celebrated the festival of Diwali but also marked the significance of Children’s Day with over 50 adolescent girls.

The SpecialSaathi team was accompanied by their advisor and resource person, along with the esteemed guest of honor for the event, Ms. Simmi Vasu. Ms. Vasu, a distinguished special educator and advisor at SpecialSaathi, captivated the audience with her profound insights into the significance of education and the challenges associated with invisible disabilities. Present at the event were Ms. Vasu’s son, Kartik Venugopal, and another resource person, Ms. Anju, a speech therapist and social worker. Additionally, Shilpi Mayank Awasthi, the Founder of SpecialSaathi, was accompanied by her son, Yuvaan, who thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings

The event was a harmonious coming together of organizations with a shared vision of promoting inclusivity and empowering girls. SpecialSaathi, a driving force in the field of disability awareness and advocacy, played a pivotal role in this endeavor, alongside Niyaz Hussain Founder, Maqaam Foundation and Aheli Choudhary, Co- Founder Josh Foundation, which are well-known for their dedication to social causes.

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Ms. Simmi Vasu, with her vast experience as a special educator, delivered a heartfelt speech that underscored the significance of education and the often-underestimated issue of invisible disabilities. She emphasized how education can be a powerful tool to break down barriers and create opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Her words resonated with everyone in attendance and served as a poignant reminder of the importance of equal educational opportunities for all.

The celebration continued with SpecialSaathi founder, Shilpi Mayank Awasthi, Guest of honor Ms.Simmi Vasu, Niyaz Hussain Founder Maqaam Foundation and their dedicated team distributing gifts and refreshments to the girls and the members of the Josh Foundation team. The joy on the faces of the girls and the sense of togetherness in the room were truly heartwarming.

But the highlight of the event was the street play presented by the adolescent girls, who have been learning theater as part of their journey with Josh Foundation. The subject they chose was menstruation, a topic often considered taboo and shrouded in stigma in many parts of the world. Through their expressive performance, the girls shattered the silence around this important issue, encouraging open conversations and breaking down barriers.

Street play/Nukkad natak by the young guns of Josh

The culminating Diya lighting ceremony and fireworks served as the pinnacle of the event, constituting a moment of particular significance. The radiant glow of the Diya symbolically dispelled ignorance and taboos, contributing to the dissolution of social stigmas.
The AwarenessSaathi initiative’s event was not just a celebration of Diwali and Children’s Day; it was a celebration of diversity, empowerment, and the indomitable spirit of adolescent girls with disabilities. It served as a shining example of what can be achieved when organizations, individuals, and the community come together to champion a cause.

Diya lighting and celebrating the spirit of Diwali

The event was a reminder that by working together, we can make the world a more inclusive and accepting place, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and shine, regardless of their abilities or gender. Through the AwarenessSaathi initiative, SpecialSaathi, Maqaam Foundation, and Josh India Foundation have shown that change is possible when we come together with passion and purpose, and that there is immense potential in the collective power of communities to create a more inclusive and equitable world. This event, filled with joy, education, and empowerment, will surely leave a lasting impact on all those who were fortunate enough to be part of it.

Author Shilpi Mayank Awasthi, Founder SpecialSaathi

By Shilpi Mayank Awasthi


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