Auditory Trainer Pro 2.0

Are you or your loved one struggling with auditory processing challenges? Imagine a world where you can enhance your listening skills, boost your comprehension, and unlock the power of clear and precise communication.

Welcome to Auditory Trainer Pro, your ultimate Auditory Processing Trainer app!

Auditory Trainer Pro is a tool designed for parents to help their kids with auditory processing. The tool is completely FREE to use.
Creator: Anagh’s World
Version: 2.0
Released: 16th Oct 2023
Supported Devices: Windows / Linux / MacOS / Android / iOS
Supported Browsers: Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge / Brave / Opera
Recommended Browser: Chrome

Key Features
Multiple Exercises – Repeat Words, Follow Instructions, Yes/No Questions, Which Questions, Category Questions, Analogies, Absurdities, Comprehension, Short stories.
Multiple voice support for better training
Option to change speech rate & voice pitch
Different levels of difficulties

How To
Go to

1) Click on “Run Tool” and start with simple exercises to begin, like “Repeat Words”. Later, gradually progress to more complex ones like “Comprehensions”.

2) Begin with your own voice, speak as slowly as possible.

3) Once the child is accustomed to your voice, you can make use of the built-in voices available in the app.

4) The app also provides features to change the voice, rate and pitch. The number of voices are based on your device.

5) It is recommended to start with a country-specific accent and at a slow rate.

Auditory Trainer Pro has been designed to address auditory processing disorder and auditory memory issues. We believe it could be a valuable tool for anyone with mentioned conditions and we’d love to get your insights and feedback after you use it. Please feel free to explore the app, and if you have any questions or feedback, then please reach out to us at

You can access Auditory Trainer Pro 2.0 by visiting

We’ve also attached a demo video for a quick preview.

Creators and contributors Anagh’s world- Parent’s of Anagh

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