Enhancing Vocabulary through Flash Cards

COMMUNICATION DEVELOPMENT- Enhancing Vocabulary through Flash Cards

Over the years, the way flash cards are being used only for identification is an irony. For 2-4yr old, this approach might serve the purpose. But after certain age, leave the kids on spectrum..even adults get bored at the sight of them. And the frustration for non-speaking autistics is another level.

One might be wondering how else can a flash card be used? This blog gives a more elaborative way of using flash cards and thereby increasing the ability of spelling and vocabulary for speakers and non speakers.
Here is the picture of an apple (think this as a flash card)

Instead of always asking to point, an alternative approach can be-
Teacher(T)– This is an apple. Look at apple.
(Prompts student to look)
T– I see that it is red in color. Did I just mention R-E-D or
Spell it out for kid while presenting options. These options can be presented on a white board or paper or a book. By presenting options, teacher is attracting student’s attention. Also making it easy for non-speaking population. By spelling out options, teacher is teaching concept of spellings without taking a separate session/lesson for spellings.

Coming back to red or black, student might select red or might not. It is ok. Remember teacher is still teaching the child. If student chooses black, teacher can just say “Nice guess….but it is red”

T– When I say Red, do you think I am talking about colour or shape?
If student choses color, teacher can probe further asking about favourite color in YES/NO.
T– Do you know my favorite color is red too. I was wondering what is your favorite color. Let us try in Yes or No way.
T-Is blue your favorite color?
T– Brown?
S– No
T– What about green?
S– Yes
This way teacher is trying to extract information from the student.
Similar way, one can describe shape; give information regarding categories; where it grows; how it tastes and the texture.
T– I see it is round. Round is circle. Apart from apple, I know of something else that is round…..a tyre. Do you think pizza is round? Apple is a fruit. Did I just mention F-R-U-I-T or V-E-G-E-T-A-B-L-E? It grows on big trees etc etc

Teacher can introduce drawing/coloring/counting. All in one without actually creating separate worksheets-making it more meaningful.

One flash card and so much information can be given. So much vocabulary can be built around it. And all these years, we have been using for pointing!!!!!!

Author Prashanthi Vankamamidi
Parent mentor and parent champion of Nayi Disha, OPT level 1 certified, BG 104 certified and six bricks teacher

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