The Art Event for Autism- Kabir Vernal’s Solo Art exhibition

Celebrating Creativity and Inclusivity: The Art Event for Autism- Kabir Vernal’s Solo Art exhibition

In a world where every stroke of a brush, every splash of color, and every artistic expression holds the power to transcend barriers and connect us on a profound level, the recently held Art event for Autism organized by the Maqaam Foundation, in association with SpecialSaathi and several other organizations dedicated to the Special Needs community, was a testament to the magic of art and the strength of unity.

This extraordinary event was a celebration of talent, inclusivity, and the remarkable journey of a young Neurodivergent artist, Kabir Vernal, who at the tender age of 12, showcased his fabulous artworks to the world. The event took place in the vibrant city of New Delhi, where art enthusiasts, advocates for neurodiversity, and supporters of inclusion gathered to witness a truly remarkable solo art exhibition.

Artwork by Kabir Vernal

Kabir Vernal’s journey as an artist is nothing short of inspiring. His artworks, displayed at the event, were a vivid reflection of his unique perspective on the world. Every stroke on canvas seemed to tell a story, convey an emotion, or offer a glimpse into theintricate workings of his creative mind. His pieces of art not only left a lasting impression on the viewers but also challenged preconceived notions about the abilities of neurodivergent individuals.

Chief Guest with Guests of Honor

SpecialSaathi team, led by the dedicated Founder Shilpi Mayank Awasthi, and the other team members including Ms. Shivanie Kapoor Founder and Head Motivation and Kabir’s mother Triveni Goswami Vernal herself played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding success. Shilpi, a Guest of Honor, a support partner, and a speaker in the awareness program, brought her insights, experience and passion for the special needs community to the forefront. Her presence was a testament to the collaborative spirit that defined this event.

Shilpi Mayank Awasthi and Shivanie Kapoor

The awareness program held during the four-day event (16th- 19th September) was a crucial component. It aimed to shed light on the challenges faced by individuals with Autism and the importance of fostering an inclusive society. During this program, various autism advocates, with their deep understanding of these issues, delivered a heartfelt and impactful message, reminding everyone that true progress lies in our collective efforts to embrace diversity.

Guests at awareness program

As we celebrate the success of the Art event for Autism, it is imperative to pause and express our deepest gratitude to Triveni Goswami Vernal. Her tireless efforts, boundless dedication, and sheer determination have been the driving force that has propelled us forward on this journey. She’s been the woman behind the scenes, running the whole show effortlessly. You have tirelessly worked behind the scenes, ensuring that every detail of the Art event for Autism fell into place seamlessly.

As we move forward, let us thank other extremely important individual Niyaz Hussain, the Founder of the Maqaam Foundation. With his unwavering commitment to empowering underprivileged children of Delhi Slums and individuals with various disabilities and other special needs, he orchestrated and curated this event to provide the platform for Specially-abled artists like Kabir to shine. By doing so, Niyaz demonstrated that art knows no boundaries and that talent can flourish regardless of one’s neurodiversity. So, on behalf of everyone who has been touched by your presence, your dedication, and your support, we at SpecialSaathi extend our heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude. You are the embodiment of strength, resilience, and love, and we are privileged to have you as a guiding light on this incredible journey.

Niyaz Hussain and Shilpi Mayank Awasthi

The Art event for Autism was not just about appreciating art; it was about recognizing the immense potential within the special needs community and the need to create a more inclusive world. It served as a reminder that when we come together with a shared vision, we can create transformative change.

As the colors on Kabir Vernal’s canvas blended to create masterpieces, so did the efforts of Maqaam Foundation, SpecialSaathi, and other organizations unite to paint a brighter and more inclusive future. This event was a beacon of hope, a celebration of diversity, and a powerful statement that when we celebrate uniqueness, we unlock boundless creativity and potential.

Niyaz Hussain, Triveni Goswami Vernal and the artist Kabir Vernal

The Art event for Autism was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. It celebrated the creative spirit of a young artist, showcased the power of collaboration, and ignited a flame of awareness and inclusion that will continue to burn brightly. It was a testament to the fact that art, unity, and compassion can change the world, one brushstroke at a time.

We thank the media partner of this event Voice4ability for the coverage of the event.

The brilliant artworks of Kabir in a beautiful Catalogue (PDF format) can be viewed here-

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Author Shilpi Mayank Awasthi
Founder SpecialSaathi


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