-Triveni Goswami Vernal
(Registered Special Educator A64010)

The significance of establishing the Sound-Symbol Association cannot be undermined. It is the foundation for spellings and is the most essential skill that needs to worked upon in individuals facing challenges in this regard.

When working with children, Play should be the method of choice. If not for the entire duration of the designated work time, but to a substantial degree definitely. This is to make the process of learning fun for the children. Learning should not be drab and boring. It should be full of energy and enthusiasm and something that the child looks forward to, every single day.

Sharing a compilation of fun activities that can be done at home:

1) Flip Books: They can be made for Vowels, Word Families (et, ot, at, in etc.,), Beginning Blends (Cl, Bl, Sh etc.,) , Closing Blends (er, or, en etc).


2) Jumping Games: Write the Vowels/ Sight Words/ Closing Blends/ Beginning Blends etc (whatever is being currently taught to the child) on pieces of papers and spread out on the floor and the child might be asked to jump on that particular sound that is read out by the teacher. (For eg, a similar activity for sight words

3) Hop scotch with a Twist: Write the letters on pieces of thick paper and spread it out on the floor and ask the child to hop on the letters to spell the word.

4) Spinning Activity: A spinning activity can be created to make different words with the same Beginning Blends/Closing Blends/ CVC etc.


There are plenty of options available for the various activities that one can create to teach Phonics in a fun and engaging manner, to children. Pinterest is a wonderful resource for fun games and activities. Twinkl ( is another fantastic resource for worksheets and templates for all learning needs, across all grades and age groups.


**********Besides being a Registered Special Educator, the author is also Certified in Dyslexia Teacher Training (with knowledge of OG Phonics Intervention for Dyslexia)

Author Triveni Goswami Vernal

Triveni Goswami Vernal is an Autism advocate, registered Special Educator (CRR A64010) and an Independent Researcher. Her areas of interest include Autism, Disability Rights, Gender, Art and Northeast studies. She is a mum to an 11 year old on the Autism Spectrum.

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