A brave beauty

remember the wise girl
kind eyes, soft voice
dear sweet learnt slower
at the ire of some teachers
an example set for students
learnt the wooden scale’s brunt
for every late answer
some incomplete homeworks

not all teachers unkind
some just let her be
yet none taught us to be kinder
as children we laughed at jokes
she laughed with us too
though the joke was on her
at breaks we were just classmates
sharing pencils and sweets

we didn’t have bullies in class
ran around we did happy to shout
then get punished as a whole
but no one taught us
that she needs special love
sometimes I feel we did right
cause she was one among us
she was not an outcast

we didn’t label her on her ability
she was one among us
somewhere she lives
hoping with many prayers today
very sure on second thought
that the lessons to stay and fight
did mould her to shine and brave
wherever she might be today


She was wise and kind , yet a slow learner of alphabets. What right have we to
categorize ? There are two categories that matter, the kind and unkind.
Inclusiveness in schools is a debate that yet needs to find an answer for kindness needs an unanimous vote.

With the Grace of the Lord,
Subha Rajesh

Author Subha Rajesh

Home maker, Mom, a poetry and writing enthusiast who likes to explore and write verses on philosophy, relationships and nature.

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