“Tanisha’s Palette: The Beautiful Mess of Emotions in Learning”

Picture this – Yesterday, I was with my daughter Tanisha, showing her a new way to paint. Her eyes lit up as she held her paintbrush, ready to try something new. She was excited about this new way of painting, but she was also very scared. Trying something new can be really scary sometimes!

Isn’t it something to see a person feel scared and excited at the same time when they’re learning something new? Seeing Tanisha react this way shows just how mixed up our feelings can get, especially when we’re trying something we’ve never done before.

My child, Tanisha, is an abstract art painter, and we often get asked, “What is abstract art?” It can be challenging to explain, but Tanisha has a special way of expressing her creativity through colors and shapes.

For Tanisha, abstract art is about capturing emotions and experiences in a way that words cannot convey. It’s a way of bringing emotions to life on the canvas.

When she paints, Tanisha starts with no plan, letting her intuition guide her as she explores different colors and textures. It’s a bit like a game of discovery!

As she paints, patterns and connections begin to emerge, and Tanisha builds on those, layering and refining until the painting takes on a life of its own. Each brush stroke reveals something new and unexpected.

That’s the beauty of abstract art – it’s a way of expressing oneself in a unique and personal way. It’s a language of the soul that invites the viewer to bring their own experiences and emotions to the painting.
Abstract art allows Tanisha to explore the world through color and imagination, and share that beauty with others.

So, coming back to learning, learning something new can make you feel really happy and really scared at the same time. This is especially true when you’re doing something you’re not used to. Sometimes, we get scared because we don’t know what will happen, we’re worried about making mistakes, or we’re scared we won’t do well. For people like Tanisha, these feelings can be really strong. Some people love trying new things, but others find it hard to control their feelings. It’s so important to help and understand people like Tanisha, showing them how to handle being scared in a good way.

As I watched Tanisha try this new painting method, I saw how the strong feelings made her react. She loved the new painting method and was excited about her painting, but she was also really scared because she felt pressure to do well and was unsure about trying something new.

Tanisha does her best when she’s in a safe and comforting place. It’s also really important to let her know that it’s okay to make mistakes when learning something new. I hope that Tanisha will learn to enjoy the fun of trying new things while also handling the fear that comes with it. With time, practice, and lots of support, she might even get better at handling new things with courage and happiness.

Whether a person has autism or not, we all get scared. I hope more people will understand and talk about this. Let’s make a world that understands and supports everyone. By talking openly and spreading awareness, we can make a space where people aren’t ashamed of being scared, but are supported and helped.

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Author Juhi Saxena

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