The flower that knights made

flower of life
bloomed with rosy yawns and smiles
yet arrived on dark skies
as clouds loomed in devil’s clout
manacles and tentacles in fierce grip
as the angel smiled through the black rain
saviors descended to cull the stifling chains
a lease of life from the Gods ordained

her smiles and sighs that call forth to embrace
became the reason to permit them life
a drug in excess that the knights led
their empty vessels in treasures filled
black clay glad to find creator’s hands
went into wild storms like starving beasts
to testing battles with will and love armed
hope that draws you like the golden swan
behind the piper went with armors clad

a very soft pericarp of self love alone
clung on perspiring toughest skins just so that
the knight smiled at every wee dawn’s shine
didn’t forget to take the orange scent
of the arbors and forests of enchanted life

when hope drowns in tender deaths
only to rouse the dead with her soft touch
to taste that drink of smallest victories
that bloom and fade
like the teasing dandelion

yet life beckons with more green
slow crusades that decades become
not those wars that in smoke find doom
where knights lay red in river beds
but those destined to rise at every turn
born forever again to be the knight
of she who drugs you with her innocent love

Dedicated to mothers, the brave knights of their beautiful angels.

With the Grace of the Lord,
Subha Rajesh

Flower on the Landscape

on wet roads grey
step a time
self search
meander o tortoise
rain nor storm
pace did hinder
became she
another flower on the landscape

With the Grace of the Lord,
Subha Rajesh

Author Subha Rajesh

Home maker, Mom, a poetry and writing enthusiast who likes to explore and write verses on philosophy, relationships and nature.

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